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Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

Last week it became known that quarantine measures in our country will last until the end of April. While visiting the gym has become temporarily impossible, and you still want to keep in good shape, fitness lovers are saved by online training. These homework activities are completely free and generally do not require any inventory. We have selected several resources for you that will help you stay active even within four walls.


Staying in shape at home is not easy. But we know for sure that this is quite real! Every morning you can join the online training sessions that we conduct together with the friends of the Championship. Professional instructors in functional training, yoga and stretching will explain the technique of performing each exercise live and will charge you with motivation for the whole day.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

Photo : Championship

Broadcasts are posted in the official Championship public on VKontakte. The schedule of classes for the week ahead is also published there. And if suddenly you do not have time to join the morning broadcast, do not worry! It will be saved in your group videos, so you can do the exercises anytime.


It seems that only the laziest have not heard of the Nike Training Club app. The program contains more than 100 different workouts for all muscle groups, advice on proper nutrition and recipes from famous athletes. Each lesson is accompanied by detailed audio explanations and exercise videos. To start training, you just need to download the application, register, honestly choose your level of training and the direction you like.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

Photo: Nike

And for running fans, the free Nike Run Club program is available. In addition, the brand is launching a standalone online training series for in-home runners this week. They will be hosted by sportswoman and blogger Maria Malysheva, head coach of the Russian national track and field team Yuri Borzakovsky, Instagram star Yan Gordienko, Russian champion in 400 meters running Polina Miller and NRC instructor Maria Lyzhina. To join the classes, you need to register on the local NikeMoscow.com platform, find out the schedule and at the right time go to the athlete's IGTV by the link.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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The company gives free premium access to the adidas app Training for three months. There you will find a lot of workouts of different directions and all levels of difficulty. And for greater comfort, you cano form your own personal occupation, starting from individual preferences. The application allows you to replace or remove certain exercises and prioritize the desired muscle group.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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In addition, the brand has created a whole online project #hometeam. It was conceived for a period of quarantine in order to support all those who are forced to stay at home. As part of the project, professional instructors, famous athletes and celebrities conduct trainings, master classes, tournaments, music concerts and answer your questions live on Instagram. You can follow the current schedule and location of broadcasts in the official adidas Russia account.


For those who like to arrange personal challenges, Reebok has launched an online marathon. The brand is confident that fitness unites. Therefore, every day professional coaches publish a specific task in the Reebok Russia Instagram stories, and also show in detail the exercise technique.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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Those who cope with all the tasks, record them on video and fulfill a couple of easy rules of the marathon, will have the opportunity to win a valuable prize - a personal plan of classes and meals in conditions work from home from a certified nutritionist and personal trainer.

Crocus Fitness

All fitness clubs in the capital were quarantined, but this was not a reason for them to stop training. Starting from April 6, Crocus Fitness instructors conduct daily full-fledged classes in the center's Instagram account. This week, subscribers will receive not only functional training for all muscle groups, but also Pilates, yoga and even dance classes.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

Photo: instagram.com/crocusfitness/

The current broadcast schedule can be found on the official website. Especially for those who could not wake up at the beginning of the workout, its record is saved in IGTV. Stay active at all times!

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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Workout Trainer

If you like to use the application more and you are not at all confused by the English language , then in the Workout Trainer you can find many ready-made workouts with detailed audio from a virtual instructor. Despite the fact that the program is tailored to fitcarried, it has hundreds of exercises for exercising without sports equipment, which are perfect for doing at home.

Another bonus - additional sections for lovers of crossfit and workout. So if you have a horizontal bar or gymnastic rings in your apartment, then perhaps they will finally stop gathering dust.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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7 Minute Workout

A workout app for very busy people. Each lesson, built according to the effective Japanese Tabata protocol, will truly not take you more than seven minutes. But during this time, every muscle of the body will be involved.

For clarity, the program has a visual accompaniment to all exercises and an online timer that regulates the time of intensive work and rest between sets.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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FitStar Yoga

Another app that uses a workout format extremely close to individual lessons with a trainer. The exercise program was compiled by the founder of a popular yoga studio in New York, Tara Styles. It all starts with simple sessions that help assess your level of fitness, and then the load gradually increases. Moreover, each practice has video, audio and, most importantly, musical accompaniment. In yoga, it is important to be able to let go of heavy thoughts, and calm compositions will just help you relax and abstract.

Active Weekdays: How to Join Free Online Workouts

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