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A suit that changes color. What do the most beautiful skater outfits look like?

From October 18 to October 20, the first stage of the Figure Skating Grand Prix in the 2019/20 season was held - the Skate America tournament. Traditionally, the most steadfast attention of the audience was riveted by the women's competition, in which the Russian figure skater Anna Shcherbakova won gold. For her, this season is her debut on the adult world stage. But this does not at all prevent the young athlete from demonstrating perfected technique, artistry and quadruple lutz in the arsenal.

A storm of emotions at the box office in Las Vegas was caused by the free program of Anna the Firebird. At a certain moment, the stands exploded with applause: Shcherbakova was wearing a dress that changed color! During a short rotation, the athlete unbuttoned an inconspicuous fastener on her outfit and reincarnated as a scarlet firebird in front of the audience. How did you come up with this idea?

Actually, the outfits in which the girls go out on the ice are delicate handicrafts. It makes a lot more sense than we think. We will tell you how the costumes for figure skating are invented, what the ideal image should be and who creates this sophisticated beauty.

The standards of figure skating costumes

In figure skating, as in any artistic sport , you can trace the evolution of costumes. Moreover, over the years, not only the appearance changes, but also the technology of creation. The distinctive features of the dresses of the present time are simplicity, brevity and closeness to life. If earlier the emphasis in outfits was on theatricality, now the world of figure skating is gradually abandoning the old strategy. Even the historical images of athletes are recreated in a combination of antiquity with obligatory modernity.

What a girl's outfit on ice will look like depends on the particular type of skating. Single skaters usually appear in dresses with short, floating skirts and low waist - designers take this step in order to adjust the proportions of the figure. Athletes in pair skating try to avoid decor in the waist area so that the partner does not get injured during the performance. And ice dancing girls wear longer skirts because they don't need to jump. Nevertheless, all types of skating have one rule: no more than 30-40% of the naked body, otherwise the judges will not approve.

How to create the perfect skater dress?

The most important requirement for figure skating suits is convenience. Not just designers, but highly specialized specialists work on the creation of outfits. They know all the nuances of movement in ice sports and choose the right fabric that does not hold down the body. Despite the fact that sports dresses and jumpsuits are always tight, they do not interfere with jumping and elements that require excellent stretching. Stretch fabrics are used for this: beefleex, stretch and flesh-colored mesh. Less often they choose guipure and velvet, and chiffon is suitable for decorating skirts.

Real fans of figure skating know by heart not only the names of the athletes, but also the images in which they performed. Each program is a whole story, a story. Therefore, in order to accurately recreate the type of the heroine, the designers study the music in detail, watch training sessions and talk for a long time with the coaches and the girls themselves. Next, a detailed sketch of the costume is created, which requires approval. And only after that, sewing begins with two planned fittings: intermediate and control.

Although creating a costume is a serious process, sometimes even famous skaters received dresses for the first time just before a performance, without sketches and fittings. For example, in the Olympic season, Evgenia Medvedeva's program Anna Karenina brought a lot of trouble to a costume specialist.

There were three dresses for Karenina's image: black, brown and burgundy - the very first that was urgently created without a single fitting, for one night. And such cases, according to the designer, are many.

The world's leading costume designers

World-famous athletes are most often devoted to one master who knows their parameters perfectly and sees in advance what can be emphasized with a suit. There are many highly specialized designers around the globe, but in the world of figure skating, a few names are the loudest. It is these specialists who work with real prima.

Olga Ryabenko

Perhaps, now Olga can be called the most famous Russian costume specialist. The designer has been working with all of Eteri Tutberidze's pupils for a long time and regularly sews outfits for them. Ryabenko's collection includes the famous image of a girl in a red coat, Yulia Lipnitskaya.

Olga - also the creator of the Olympic packs of Alina Zagitova, the costumes of Trusova and Shcherbakova, the Milky Way dress by Evgenia Medvedeva. By the way, the fabric of the last outfit was printed on a special printer and painted over with an airbrush, so the dress turned out with a 3D effect. Olga's corporate style is distinguished by her love for sophisticated techniques, details and embellishments: rhinestones, shoulder straps, lace and lacing. But the master tries to avoid zippers and zippers as much as possible.

Maria Evstigneeva

The designer owns the St. Petersburg studio That's ME. Two girls-masters, led by Maria, sewed more than one outfit for Olympic champions Ksenia Stolbova and Fyodor Klimov: images for the Addams Family, Polovtsian Dances and Interview with a Vampire. Evstigneeva also worked with figure skaters Alena Leonova, Stanislava Konstantinohowl and even Carolina Costner. Interestingly, Fyodor Klimov wears costumes from Maria not only on the ice, but also in everyday life. Of course, the classic ones.

Olga Oskina

Olga is a highly experienced specialist. Her costumes shone on the world stage at Maria Butyrskaya, Elena Sokolova and Irina Slutskaya. For example, Irina's famous cowboy jumpsuit for demonstration performances is the work of Oskina.

In modern figure skating, Olga actively collaborated with a pair of Ilinykh and Katsalapov, and after the collapse of the duet, the designer began to sew dresses for Nikita's new partner, Victoria Sinitsina .

Lisa McKinon

Craftsman creating costumes for all the stars of North American figure skating. Her style can be recognized by her open back swimsuit, crisscrossing lines, gradient and abundance of rhinestones and stones. One dress can count up to tens of thousands of jewelry. Ashley Wagner, Mariah Bell, Karen Chen, Starr Andrews and many other American women are devoted to Lisa's work.

Satomi Ito

Satomi can rightfully be considered the designer of the entire Japanese national team. Her works are recognizable for a very delicate style, a large number of rhinestones and sometimes atypical materials - velvet or silk. At home, Ito has many regular customers: Riki Kihira, Satoko Miyahara, Mai Mihara, Satuki Honda and the unrivaled Yuzuru Hanyu.

The work of the Japanese designer could be seen on the Russian woman Elena Radionova. The blue dress was made for the program to the music of Rachmaninoff.

How much are the skater costumes?

At this moment, a logical question comes to mind: how much do figure skating dresses cost? Expensive, although in Russia the price can vary from 20 to 60 thousand rubles, depending on the complexity of sewing, the amount of jewelry and fabric. But you need to understand that the total amount turns out to be many times more, because with one dress it is impossible to skate the whole season. Skaters annually update their sports wardrobe with suits for short and free skating, as well as for several shows.

At first glance, women's figure skating may indeed seem like a sport in which fragile girls soar easily over the ice in beautiful outfits. In fact, this picture hides both the persistence of the strongest athletes and the painstaking work of the best designers, who knowwho do their job.

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