30 Days Without Drinking Alcohol Will Do This To Your Body

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

Who doesn't drink? Name it! No, I'm waiting! - the indignant remark of the satirist Veliurov from the Pokrovskiye Gates instantly went to the people. A couple of glasses at a festive table, a glass of wine at dinner after a hard day, or a beer at a bar with friends - what's wrong with that? So experts say that alcohol consumption in moderate doses for the body is not fatal, and sometimes even beneficial.

Nevertheless, more and more people choose to completely abandon alcohol. First, it makes it easier to maintain control over yourself. Secondly, regular consumption of even small amounts of alcohol gradually reduces the quality of life. To be convinced of this, it is enough to exclude any strong drinks from the diet for at least a month.

So what will happen to the body if you do not touch alcohol at all for 30 days? Here are seven reasons to stop drinking for a month. Just as an experiment.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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Sleep without anxiety

It is well known that alcohol promotes faster falling asleep, however, the sleep of a drunk person cannot be called serene. The presence of alcohol in the blood leads to a violation of the order and duration of sleep phases. A drunk who has fallen asleep immediately goes into deep sleep, but in the second half of the night the body begins to actively remove toxins, which is why the duration of the deep sleep stage is reduced. As a result, the body does not have time to complete the recovery processes. A person wakes up tired, lethargic and dehydrated.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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In addition Moreover, even small doses of alcohol can cause nightmares. This is due to a decrease in brain activity, as well as respiratory failure, due to which the body feels a lack of oxygen and is in a state of stress. In the first week after giving up alcohol, it will become more difficult to fall asleep, and even those who have not experienced this problem before can have bad dreams. This is how the body reacts to the rejection of the usual sleeping pills. However, by the 10th day of the experiment, sleep will improve, nightmares will disappear, and awakening will become easier and more positive.

Benefits for gray cells

Long-term alcohol consumption, even in small doses, negatively affects the functioning of the head brain. With systematic libations, the work of the cerebral cortex is disrupted, mass cells die due to oxygen starvation. Yana Fry , a nutritionist and nutritionist, is convinced that there is simply no safe dose of alcohol for our brain. The specialist shared her opinion on her personal blog on Instagram.

Yana: When alcohol enters the bloodstream, it destroys the walls of erythrocytes. They become loose and sticky, gradually grow together with each other and form blood clots. These blood clots clog small blood vesselsram's brain. Brain cells begin to die off, you experience oxygen starvation, you feel pleasantly relaxed, but at this time your brain literally dies. That is why there can be no question of any benefits of alcohol. There is simply no safe dose of alcohol! Even after drinking a glass of wine, you will lose some of your brain cells. With regular alcohol consumption (even once a week), brain functions are impaired: memory deteriorates, attention decreases, thinking slows down.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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Abstaining from alcohol allows you to restore the circulatory system, which in turn provides the flow of oxygen to the brain cells. In addition, memory improves, the ability to perceive new information increases.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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Thank you from the heart

Scientists have proven that one glass of dry red wine a day improves blood flow and reduces the risk of atherosclerosis. However, this only applies to high-quality drinks in moderate doses. According to the expert, many wines lose their beneficial properties due to the content of preservatives.

Yana: There is a claim that red wine is rich in antioxidants. And beer contains B vitamins. But I urge you to consider any product or phenomenon in a comprehensive manner! Have you ever read the composition of a wine? 99% of wines contain sulfur dioxide, a preservative. It completely destroys vitamins of group B. In addition, sulfur dioxide causes severe allergic reactions, especially in asthmatics. It can also cause headaches and indigestion. By the way, it is even added to non-alcoholic wines.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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In general, alcohol has a detrimental effect on the cardiovascular system. The toxins from the breakdown of alcohol cause heart rhythm disturbances. Blood pressure also rises, and blood clots occur due to thickening of blood.

Avoiding alcohol for 30 days will significantly reduce the load on the heart, help reduce the risk of developing hypertension and atherosclerosis, and normalize the pulse.

Sober glow of the skin

By the fourth week of sobriety, changes in the body will be noticeable in the mirror. Skin irritations and rashes will disappear, age spots will fade, and the complexion will become more uniform and healthy. Naturally, you can forget about such unpleasant consequences of stormy fun as bags under the eyes and swelling on the face. As a bonus, the skin will acquire an attractive glow. All this happens due to the normalization of the body's water balance, as well as the restoration of blood circulation.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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Healthy teeth

You might be surprised, but alcohol destroys not only internal organs, but even teeth. Dry mouth, familiar to anyone who has drunk, occurs due to impaired salivation. Lack of saliva destroys tooth enamel and increases the risk of tooth decay. These are slow processes, but even a month without alcohol is enough to restore dental health.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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It will be easier to lose weight

Overweight people have additional motivation to say no to alcohol. Alcohol significantly increases appetite as it stimulates the brain neurons responsible for feeling hungry. In addition, a drunk person often chooses unhealthy food, and alcohol itself is a contented high-calorie product. For example, one glass of wine contains the same number of calories as a sweet donut.

Alcohol itself can affect your figure. You've probably noticed that men who eat beer tend to have a rounder belly and larger breasts over time. The nutritionist explains these changes in the hormones contained in the drink.

Yana: The phytoestrogens contained in hops, from which beer is brewed, have a depressing effect on the production of male sex hormones. For men, this is fraught with not only a female figure, but also impotence and infertility. This also applies to non-alcoholic beer.

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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At the beginning of the sober experiment, the body will try to compensate for the lack of alcohol with food, which will cause increased appetite. However, gradually the food will return to normal, and the portions will be about 40% smaller than while drinking. Therefore, refusing to drink helps obese people lose an average of 3-4 kg per month. And if you spend the free time on physical exercises, then the result will be a pleasant surprise!

A sober pause. How the body will change in 30 days without alcohol

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Tasteful life

Taste buds as a result of alcohol dull, which makes it difficult to recognize subtle shades of taste. Also, the sense of smell suffers from the intake of alcohol. By the third week of the experiment, you can feel the fullness of tastes and aromas that were previously unavailable.

But do not forget that any experiments with your body are best carried out under the supervision of specialists, otherwise you may find yourself in dangerous situations of some of the characters from the video above.

My First 30 Days Sober

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