I Drank Only Water for 20 Days, See What Happened to My Body

A risky experiment. What happens to the body if you do not drink water for three days

Each of us knows that life is impossible without water. It promotes wellness and is involved in many critical processes in the human body. But few people really imagine what it would be like to be deprived of precious liquid for a day, or even for several days. But the YouTube blogger and one of the creators of the All in Oil channel Alexander Likhosherstov felt from personal experience what such a risky experiment can turn out to be.

A risky experiment. What happens to the body if you do not drink water for three days

What happens to your body if you don't eat for 3 days

Rather risky experiment for weight loss and detoxification.

Why drinking water so important for our body?

First, let's figure out why we need to drink enough water every day. The sports doctor Ibraim Chibichev told us about this.

Water is, first of all, an active transport for the human body. It both brings nutrients and removes all decay products and toxins. With severe dehydration in the body, a rather serious acidification occurs: decay products are not excreted, poisoning occurs. This leads to the fact that the cells begin to actively die. Due to the fact that the body does not receive the correct amount of nutrients, the same cells also die for the same reasons. That is, water is the main element of our life, and most physiological processes take place against it.

A risky experiment. What happens to the body if you do not drink water for three days

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How much water should you drink per day?

Previously, according to the standards of the World Health Organization, it was necessary to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of clean water per day - total the norm necessary for human life. But literally two years ago, I read an article published by WHO. Scientists have found that certain numbers do not exist, because they are individual for each person.

It is believed that you need to drink as much water as you want. The main thing is not to replace clean drinking water with some kind of drinks. A person may prefer to drink several cups of coffee or tea and 1-2 glasses of water a day. This vector needs to be changed, drinking as little as possible all kinds of drinks, hot or cold, and still tilt the scales towards clean drinking water.

On average, it turns out that each person drinks 1-1.5 liters at the usual way of life. The athlete will naturally consume more. And there is no indicator you need to drink, the only thing you need is to quench your thirst. In a normal training regime, it is recommended to drink 100-150 ml of water in small sips every 15 minutes. This is a guarantee that the person will not get dehydrated. In cyclic sports - running, triathlon, swimming - it is imperative to consume at least 0.5 liters at the end of the workout. And after the starts, you need to drink up to one and a half liters at a time. Naturally, not in big sips, but gradually, infor a short period of time.

A risky experiment. What happens to the body if you do not drink water for three days

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72 hours without liquid: how did the YouTube blogger experiment go?

Alexander Likhosherstov was not the first time subjected to cruel tests. Before that, for the sake of practical interest, he had not slept for three days. Last year, the man and his friend decided to check what would happen to Alexander's condition if he refused water for 72 hours. The rules of the experiment were not limited to this.

The blogger had to spend three days in one room, within which he was allowed to do anything, just not drink. It was possible to leave the bedroom three times, and for each such indulgence, punishment was provided: swimming in the pool, a plate of crackers and running on the track. The only motivating bonus was three teaspoons of water, which Alexander could drink at any time of his own accord.

At the same time, the blogger did not refuse food. In addition, his blood pressure and body temperature were measured every day, as well as a mindfulness test and urinalysis. Friends initially studied all the possible consequences of dehydration. Alexander knew that he was likely to have headaches, body temperature and blood pressure.

Day One

Before the experiment, the man drank two liters of water at once, and then measured all indicators. The pressure at that time was 114 to 69, the pulse was 83 beats per minute, the body temperature was 35.1, and the figure was 78.8 on the scales. According to our expert, for the purity of the study, it was necessary to fix the same indicators before drinking a large amount of liquid in one approach, because it greatly influenced the state of the body.

Ibrahim: If drink two liters of water at a time, then, consider, you will increase the volume of circulating blood by almost one and a half times. Due to this, the pressure drops, then, as a compensatory reaction, it begins to grow, since the active systems of the body are included in the work to remove excess fluid. The pulse rate of 83 beats is too high for these indicators. And the temperature decreases due to the fact that the balance of thermoregulation is disturbed. Water is the main molecule that can both combine in order to retain heat, and, conversely, disintegrate in order to release heat.

In addition to measuring indicators, Alexander passed the attentiveness test. To do this, it was necessary to find the only panda in the picture with snowmen, which merged with them in color and outlines. It takes a normal person up to a minute to complete a task. The blogger finished the task in 13 seconds.

On the first day, the man did not feel much discomfort. EI only got a little thirsty after the first meal because the food was salty.

A risky experiment. What happens to the body if you do not drink water for three days

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Day Two

On the morning of the second day, Alexander admitted that it was difficult for him to sleep at night. And when he woke up, his eyes began to water, and it hurt to blink. To not be so thirsty, the man decided to reduce the amount of food, so he ate a banana, a couple of breads and yogurt for breakfast. And after eating, I measured the indicators, they changed slightly.

  • Weight - 76.1 (the same two liters of water came out);
  • temperature - 35.4;
  • pressure - 157 to 92;
  • bucket attentiveness test - 1 minute 23 seconds.

On the second day, the blogger still wanted to go out and ask for a legitimate spoonful of water. As a punishment, he received 15 minutes of swimming in a cold pool. According to Alexander, the task was not so cruel: the water invigorated, but in the end I was incredibly thirsty.

On the same day, the man left the room a second time and drank another spoon, for which he had to eat a small plate of salty crackers. Due to dehydration and discomfort, he began to vomit.

A risky experiment. What happens to the body if you do not drink water for three days

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Day Three

On the morning of the third day Alexander was very tired. According to the blogger, he didn't want to do anything, he only wanted water. The man felt extremely bad: he had no strength, he was constantly falling asleep. Body measurements continued to change.

  • Weight - 75.4;
  • pressure - 143 to 73;
  • temperature - 36.0.

Alexander looked sickly: his face turned pale, circles under his eyes appeared, blood vessels burst. The blogger could not be in the room without water, so the third time he asked for a teaspoon of liquid. For this, he was obliged to run on a sports track in three jackets.

After that, the man began to feel very dizzy and had difficulty breathing. The lack of water was felt by the whole body and reached its peak when the blogger got out of bed, bent over to his backpack and stood up abruptly. Alexander lost consciousness, so the test had to be urgently interrupted. His friend promptly called an ambulance, which took the man to the hospital.

You can watch the experiment in the video clip.

What are the consequences of dehydration?

The test of bloggers led to the fact that Alexanderru had to restore vital resources in a hospital bed, lying under an IV. We asked our expert what particular indicators worsen in a person with severe dehydration.

Ibraim: There is a drop in energy metabolism, deterioration in general health and appetite, a sharp drop in strength, lack of stool, urine and sweating. Or, on the contrary, excessive sweating begins. Also, the body temperature drops or rises. That is, this is a total breakdown in the body, by and large. According to general research by WHO and physiologists, being without water for up to a week is fatal. According to some sources, on average up to 3-4 days you can be without water. But, again, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of the body and lifestyle.

We strongly advise you not to check that very personal maximum. A dangerous experiment once again proved that maintaining water balance and listening to the feeling of thirst is important every day. Without a break for 24, 48 or 72 hours.

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