10 Low Testosterone Symptoms (SERIOUS Signs YOU Need To Watch For!)

A real man. How to deal with falling testosterone levels

What makes a man a man? Not the easiest question, which everyone will answer in their own way. You can say about actions and the right words. About care, strength, protection and help. Let's not forget about the built house, the planted tree and the upbringing of our son. More friends, family, work and hobbies. Lady of the heart and feats. In addition to this, you will definitely have a couple of your points.

But science answers this question unambiguously. Testosterone makes a man that way. It is the most important hormone in the male body. It is primarily associated with the sex hormone, which is responsible for a full erection and libido. It is often referred to as the male success hormone. But that's just one of its features.

A real man. How to deal with falling testosterone levels

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Want to achieve good physical shape and relief? You need testosterone. Even a man's mental performance depends on the level of this hormone in the body. However, over the years, vital energy becomes less, and almost all men face this problem.

This is interesting. According to statistics, already at the age of 30-35 in a man's body, the level of testosterone begins to fall. Even in healthy men after 30 years of age, scientists note an annual decrease in the level of the sex hormone by 1-1.5%.

Not a single man wants to feel the first sign of testosterone deficiency, because the topic is very delicate. We're talking about intimate issues. The frequency of erection decreases, libido decreases. Love no longer brings the same joy and pleasure as before. The beloved woman does not recognize you. Self-confidence and self-confidence falls. And then the problems will start to pile up and drag on one after the other.

A real man. How to deal with falling testosterone levels

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Weight will walk and let you down. Muscle mass decreases, as does bone density, while adipose tissue, on the contrary, increases. In addition to external and internal changes, the state of mind can also seriously worsen. The mood is constantly changing, chronic fatigue appears, which inevitably leads to depression. You may completely lose interest in life, in the world in which you live, in your family and loved ones. The chances of developing diseases of the cardiovascular and other body systems increase.

How to keep testosterone under control?

To avoid problems with testosterone levels in the body, proper and balanced nutrition is necessary. This is the basis of the male hormone. Use a simple scheme of protein-fat-carbohydrate .

When the body receives insufficient protein, testosterone levels begin to drop. Eat white meat, fish, poultry, and of course eggs. To maintain carbohydrate levels, cereals, different types of rice and buckwheat are excellent solutions. The fats that you get from food must be of high quality. They are found in salmon, vegetable oils and nuts.

A real man. How to deal with falling testosterone levels

Simple math: how to calculate your protein, fat and carbohydrate intake?

Here's how to count calories correctly to stay slim and healthy.

Important! It is better to give up bad habits. Eliminate alcohol and tobacco. Stop eating junk food and eating unhealthy snacks like crisps, crackers, and chocolate bars.

Try to reduce your stress levels. After all, the emotional state has a direct impact on the level of testosterone in the blood. Therefore, it is better to engage in meditation, to spend more time in peace and quiet. This will help relieve the stress in the blood that builds up cortisol, which suppresses testosterone. Do not forget about regular physical activity, which will be very beneficial.

A real man. How to deal with falling testosterone levels

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Nature's help

In the conditions of the modern rhythm of life, noisy megacities, a large number of events and information around, it is quite difficult to follow the recommendations that we gave above. Therefore, to increase the level of testosterone and maintain it in the norm, you can use the plant Tribulus creeping (Latin Tríbulus terréstris).

Nowadays, medicines based on it are available. Scientists have carefully studied the properties of the plant and provide specific data on the effect of tribulus. They contain naturally occurring steroid components. They directly contribute to significant increases in testosterone levels. For men, they are useful in that they restore sexual libido, increase erection time, stimulate spermatogenesis, increase sperm count.

A real man. How to deal with falling testosterone levels

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Scientists have discovered the most important adaptogenic property in creeping tribulus. When testosterone levels are restored, the production of the hormone does not exceed the normal physical level, bringing enormous benefits to the male body.

The plant is often used as a muscle gain stimulator, which is directly related to testosterone levels. One of the successful developments of scientists is Effex Tribulus from Evalar.

Effex Tribulus is a medicine created on the basis of creeping tribulus. It helps to increase testosterone levels, treats erectile dysfunction and increases its time, lowers cholesterol levels, increases immunity and returns the sensations that were so lacking. In addition, the drug stimulates spermatogenesis, which is very important when conceiving a child.

Effex - be successful! Evalar medicines - health available to everyone.

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