Arnold Schwarzenegger 2.0?

A pumped-up body without steroids. What does the Russian double of Schwarzenegger look like?

Actor and bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger became a real legend during his lifetime. Millions of boys all over the world grew up under the uncompromising gaze of Iron Arnie, who strictly looked from the posters, and dreamed of at least remotely resembling an idol. Many successful athletes do not hide the fact that they were inspired by Schwarzenegger for bodybuilding.

But some go even further and turn the imitation of Arnold into the meaning of life. Every now and then, another jock appears in the information space, trying to look like everyone's favorite action hero. The matter has not yet reached the official competition of Arnold Schwarzenegger's doubles, but if such competitions were held, then they would probably have been won by a guy from Russia.
Anton Ryskin really strikes by the resemblance to Arnold!

How the future Schwarzenegger double got into bodybuilding

Anton was born in 1994 in Moscow. Since childhood, the boy heard that he looked like a famous bodybuilder, but he seriously became interested in sports only at the age of 16. At first, Anton was engaged in martial arts, and began to go to the simulator already at an adult age. Ryskin liked to pull iron much more than to hone his fighting skills, so the choice in favor of bodybuilding was easy for him.

The more successes the young bodybuilder achieved in working on his body, the more often he heard to himself: Yes, this is Arnold! Anton, like the vast majority of bodybuilders, was a fan of Schwarzenegger, so comparisons with his idol flattered him and motivated him to work harder in the gym.

Schwarzenegger's clone became famous thanks to Tyson

By the age of 21, Ryskin had pumped up a relief body and began to participate in competitions. At the same time, world fame came to the guy, and Anton owes the lightning-fast rise of his popularity to another legendary athlete. In 2015, boxer Mike Tyson published on his Facebook page a photo collage with Ryskin and Schwarzenegger, which was accompanied by the caption:

Many movie and show business stars shared the great boxer's enthusiasm. The photo began to actively walk on social networks and collect thousands of enthusiastic and surprised comments. Many did not believe in the coincidence of the young Russian bodybuilder's resemblance to Schwarzenegger and hinted that the recognized star Joseph Baena may not be the only illegitimate son of Iron Arnie.

A pumped-up body without steroids. What does the Russian double of Schwarzenegger look like?

Arnie has been cloned. Schwarzenegger's illegitimate son has become the same jock as his father

Joseph Baena is strikingly similar to the star father. Unlike legitimate children.

Russian Schwarz against steroids

The hype around Schwarzenegger's double turned out to be loud, but not longhym. First in the West, and then in Russia, articles about Anton were published in the media and videos on YouTube that became popular. The guy continued to swing, participated in bodybuilding competitions, but did not get to the prizes. Interestingly, Anton fundamentally does not take steroids, while Arnold has repeatedly admitted to using these substances to build muscle mass.

But when choosing a profession, Russian Schwartz decided to follow Arnold's example and graduated from acting classes at the German Sidakov drama school. Now Anton is 25 years old, from time to time he appears in commercials, not hesitating to exploit the images of the legendary bodybuilder from famous films. Ryskin said goodbye to the dream of repeating Schwarzenegger's athletic achievements, but he still regularly goes to the gym to maintain his likeness to the great actor.

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