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A lot or a little: how much did great people sleep?

There is a myth that geniuses sleep little. Of course, such examples are known, but they are few. Still, most famous people slept for 7-8 hours, only at different times - they practiced polyphasic sleep. The most famous examples of people who slept little are already in our selection:

Napoleon slept 4 hours. Most often from 12 to 2 am and from 5 to 7 am. He believed that men sleep 4 hours, women 5, and idiots sleep 6 hours.

Margaret Thatcher slept no more than 5 hours a day. She thought it was better to sleep for an hour and a half, but have a decent haircut.

Winston Churchill slept about 4 hours at night and 1 hour in the afternoon. At night, he usually slept from 3 to 7 o'clock.

Leonardo da Vinci believed that productivity increases 6-10 times in the morning. He worked out his own regime: he slept for 15 minutes, then worked for 4 hours, and so on all the time. His dreams were all short-lived.

Salvador Dali , one might say, did not sleep at all. He put a metal tray on the floor and held a spoon in his fingers. As soon as he began to doze, the spoon fell and woke him up.

Examples of famous people who slept little are striking. But don't think that if you limit sleep, you will become a genius. Still, most people need to sleep 7-8 hours a night.

Some people think that Balzac slept little. In fact, he just didn't sleep at night. He went to bed at 5 or 6 pm and slept until 1 am. He was so comfortable, and at night he preferred to create.

Albert Einstein always slept for 10-12 hours. He considered a long and full sleep a guarantee of a clear mind, creativity and genius.

Famous people who created great works and made scientific discoveries slept in different ways. Sleep has little effect on genius, creativity, and potential. But knowing your needs and biological rhythms is essential. It will save you time, help you get rid of sleepiness and increase your productivity.

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