Marathon Runner Crosses Finish Line One Year After Heart Attack

A finish with meaning. Marathon Running Hearts

On May 28, the most beautiful and hot start of the Running Hearts marathon took place in Moscow, organized with the support of the Naked Heart Foundation, Sberbank and Nike. Olympic and Paralympic champions, athletes of the special Olympics, the president and chairman of the board of Sberbank German Gref and, of course, the founders of the race Natalya Vodianova and Polina Kitsenko .

We can speak different languages ​​and live in different cities, but today we are all # running with meaning for Russian families raising children with special needs, ”Natalia commented on her profile on the social network .

More than 9,500 runners took part in the virtual race around the world that day with the N + RC app, which doubled the number of participants in the charity marathon. As a result of the digital race, Nike will transfer 4.7 million rubles to the Naked Heart Fund

During the race, the participants were able to cover distances of 4230 meters, 10 635 meters and 21 100 meters. The climb was: for a circle of 4.2 km - 36 meters, for a circle of 10 km - 80 meters, for a circle of 21.1 km - 160 meters.

At a distance of 10 km in the absolute standings, he won Dmitry Safonov , who finished with a time of 32.00.14, among women the best result was shown by Irina Abysova - 42.04.00.

In the 4.2 km classification as winners became: Vyacheslav Sokolov (12.51,80) and Alina Romashova (14.43.83).

21.1 km fastest among men ran Mikhail Kulkov with a result of 01: 08.34.20, the fastest among women Yulia Konyakina covered the distance in 01: 18.12.13.

At a distance of 10 km in the standings among people with disabilities the best time was shown by Alexey Bychenok - 27.23.92 (men) and Natalya Kocherova - 32.03.46 (women).

All results are available by link .

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