Solving Common Training Problems: Tik Maynard

A few minutes for sports: training for problem areas

It's no secret that consistency and consistency are important in the training process. It is difficult to answer the question: which is better - an hour training three times a week or a daily five-minute workout? In any case, if you have little time for sports and health, and the desire to change your body and rebuild the body is great, start small. In our selection, we've compiled the top 5 videos to help you do a quick and functionally rewarding daily workout at home. All that is needed for a beautiful body is a rug and a few minutes of free time.

6 minutes for a perfect press

A set of exercises that are familiar and familiar to us from childhood. Do each for 1 minute. Follow your technique.

Thin waist in 7 minutes

Circular workout. Do each exercise 15-20 times on each side. You will need an inflatable gymnastic ball.

5 minutes a day for a flat stomach

The complex consists of four highly effective exercises, each of which must be performed within 1 minute.

How to remove the sides?

A few rules to help you adjust your figure.

100 squats for a perfect butt

A complex consisting of several types of squats.

How to work on problem areas in your training with Bill Hillmann

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