Moscow is back to Normal Life | Walking around Moscow City Center 2020

A city for life. Where to spend your weekend in Moscow

What children can do

- build castles from cardboard together with representatives of Cardboardia and houses from hay together with the VDNKh City farm;
- throw eggs with paint;
- draw on the asphalt;
- to build your own playground;
- to visit the book fair held by Marshak store, listen to lectures, discuss new children's books and draw your own comic;
- to get to the school of the future in a pavilion styled as a school classroom for the near future, everyone can watch more than 30 educational animations by scanning the packaging of Wonder Baby products.

What can parents do at this time

- read and buy books from the best children's publishing houses;
- choose cute things for school, toys and little things on the market;
- drink lemonade, listen to music and lie on inflatable mattresses.


The music program of the Bumper-R-Rock book bus begins in the afternoon: musicians read excerpts from their favorites children's books, the Kids Rock Band performs rock hits, at the end of the evening the Moscow band plays indie rock.

Market with gifts

You can play cute soft toys from the Voronaya brand, together with the Argentarium jewelry school, make a silver pendant (and take it home), try on eyeglass frames in the Binocchio optics pavilion and receive gifts from the 360done project and the Ponaroshku store. All market participants give discounts to all users of the Afisha Deti mobile application.


The Documentary Film Center of the Museum of Moscow and Afisha Children are launching a series of screenings of the best documentaries and fiction films of the year and will debut with this project on festival. The program includes the documentary The Animated Life of Ross Williams, the recording of the performance of the London Royal National Theater by Peter Pen and the cartoon Your Name is Makoto Shinkai.

We Spent 24 Hours in Moscow, Russia (not what we expected)

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