90-60-90 are no longer in vogue. What the perfect figure looks like today

Merlin Monroe, Twiggy, Cindy Crawford - beauty standards have changed many times over the past hundred years. Once upon a time, girls pulled themselves in corsets to achieve the cherished hourglass, experimented with diets for the sake of heroin chic, disappeared in gyms to get a sporty and fit figure. And what are the fair sex striving for today? Here are some of the numbers that replaced the legendary 90-60-90.

90-60-90 are no longer in vogue. What the perfect figure looks like today

Without dinner and breakfast: the never-fading Naomi Campbell's tough diet

At the same time, the supermodel does not starve herself in order to look great at 50.

Hourglass, slenderness and muscles: how the image of an ideal woman has changed

In the middle of the last century, the pin-up era began, and curvy, curvy girls came into fashion. A figure with a magnificent chest and hips with an emphatically narrow waist was considered ideal. In the 1950s, Merlin Monroe became a role model with parameters 96-58-96.

In the 1960s, the hourglass cult continued, but became less pronounced. Monroe was replaced by Brigitte Bordeaux. She, although she had an outstanding figure, was more leggy and fragile.

Along with the sexual revolution of the 1970s, came the trend towards slenderness. Famous fashion houses began to produce unisex clothes, models on the runways became thinner, and the boundaries between the sexes became more blurred. Twiggy became a cult figure of this time.

In the next decade, the scales tipped sharply to the side sports - Pilates and fitness, bright swimwear and leggings became fashionable. A strong, toned figure with prominent muscles, broad shoulders and pumped-up muscles was considered beautiful.

90-60-90 are no longer in vogue. What the perfect figure looks like today

The Royal Diet: What is the secret of Kate Middleton's wasp waist ?

The Duchess does not adhere to very strict rules, but at 38 she looks great even after the birth of three children.

The time of supermodels comes in the 1990s. Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista seem to have collected the best of each era. The ideal are those 90-60-90 with a height of 175 cm. It is assumed that girls should be tall and long-legged, slender, but with outstanding forms. Such an elusive ideal has been entrenched in the public consciousness and on the covers of glossy magazines for many years.

Legs like Kendall, butt like Kim: modern beauty standards

In the new millennium, two main trends have changed. At first, girls from all over the world strove for exaggerated thinness and harmony, trying to imitate famous models and dummies. KulNatalia Vodianova, Gemma Ward, Coco Rocha became the main figures of the 2000s.

90-60-90 are no longer in vogue. What the perfect figure looks like today

Ideal parameters even at 49: how Claudia Schiffer keeps herself in shape

With age, the German supermodel does not lose her grip, but only fits more responsible to your own health.

However, now the course has changed again. With the popularity of Kim Kardashian, curvy pin-ups returned to fashion, only even more exaggerated - large breasts and hips and an extremely narrow waist are exaggerated. Today, the focus is on the lower body. In this case, the figure should not only be voluminous, but fit and elastic. Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Rihanna - girls are striving for such forms today.

In general , you can note the trend for a variety of shapes. In the past few years, people are increasingly talking about body positivity and the beauty of the body as such. Today, on the catwalks, you can see the classic models of the 2000s, and the ideal Victoria's Secret angels in everything, and plus-size girls. The boundaries of the ideal are gradually expanding.

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