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80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

Exactly 40 years ago, the Summer Games were held in Moscow. The 1980 Olympics was the first to be held in Eastern Europe and, moreover, in a socialist country at that time. That is why the organizers of the competitions, the athletes themselves and even the designers of the equipment had a colossal responsibility - everything had to take place at the highest level.

Olympic clothing can be divided into three categories: dress uniform for official events, costumes for performing at competitions and everyday things. Special attention was paid to all points - and for good reason. Indeed, four decades later, many things are still on the trend list. We will tell you what exactly was fashionable to wear during the Olympics in Moscow - both among athletes and among fans.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

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Haute couture ceremonial suits

At the opening ceremony of the Games, representatives of the participating countries for the most part appeared in classic costumes. By that time, famous world designers had already developed an interest in creating clothing for athletes. In the USSR, they decided not to lag behind, entrusting the business to their fashion designer.

The most famous Soviet designer at that time was considered to be Vyacheslav Zaitsev . True, it was not so easy to persuade him to work on the Olympic form. By the 1980s, the man left the All-Union House of Models, where in his last years of work he felt superfluous, survived the death of his mother and a deep creative crisis.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

Delegation of the USSR at the opening of the XXII Summer Olympic Games in Moscow

Photo: RIA Novosti

To start developing costumes for the delegation of the USSR Zaitsev inclined diplomat Yevgeny Tyazhelnikov and Minister of Consumer Services Ivan Dudenkov. The first one literally forced the designer back into operation, and the second promised a leading place in the future House of Life. So the Soviet athletes had the first haute couture suits: light pink shirts, beige straight cut jackets, women had midi skirts of the same color, and men had khaki pants. All this was adorned with a burgundy tie.

By the way, at the same time, the history of the creation of the Vyacheslav Zaitsev Fashion House began, which grew out of the established House of Life. Both sides fulfilled their promises.

New brand outfit

They began to think about equipment for competitions several years before the Games. In the USSR, sportswear and footwear of first-class quality were practically not produced, so in 1980 our athletes were first dressed in capitalist adidas. The now well-known three stripes and the originals trefoil appeared on the uniform.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

USSR national artistic gymnastics team

Photo: RIA Novosti

For advicegovernment and Horst Dassler , son of the founder of the West German firm, Adi Dassler, it was a mutually beneficial deal. The Olympians entered the arena in really high quality and personable form, and adidas thus conquered a new market. German sneakers made a splash in the USSR.

Initially, the contract meant the creation of 32 thousand sets: for both athletes and workers of the Olympic Village. But due to the events in Afghanistan and sanctions from the United States and allies, Horst Dassler had to find a compromise with the FRG government. The sewing of suits for athletes remained in force, but clothing for the staff had to be replaced with clothes from Arena, a swimming brand that also belonged to Horst.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

Puma and adidas, their factories are across the street and the founders are siblings

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Olympics, windbreakers, bags - everything that is considered stylish in 2020

No wonder that with such a serious approach to sportswear, the Moscow Olympics gave birth to trends that exist to this day. For example, the traditional Olympic jacket comes from those very Games. Along with it, the most popular is a sports suit, consisting of a jacket with a zipper and pants with stripes. Then its presence in the wardrobe was considered a sign of wealth.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

Olympic medalists in pentathlon: Olga Rukavishnikova, Nadezhda Tkachenko and Olga Kuragina

Photo: RIA Novosti

Paper windbreakers turned out to be another long-playing squeak of fashion. Lightweight jackets with a wrinkled surface can be seen on urban runners or cyclists these days. The thing is not only comfortable, but also works perfectly for its intended purpose - it protects well from wind and precipitation.

Among lovers of vintage style, the envy of now is a rectangular leather bag with rounded corners and Olympic symbols. Such a sports accessory can now be seen at auctions in the United States, and for a considerable price - $ 100.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

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Trends that have come from behind borders

The Moscow Olympics had a tremendous impact on fashion from another point of view. At that time, crowds of guests from Europe came to the capital, they also brought new trends with them. Corduroy suits, especially strokes, jeans and denim jackets, ballet flats, Yves Saint Laurent safari style - all these innovations blew the heads of the capital's fashion fans.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

Tourists from Germany on Red Square

Photo: RIA Novosti

EstestOf course, stylish things were very expensive in Moscow. For example, you could pay 200 rubles for adidas sneakers - a solid amount at that time. And ballet shoes were purchased only for currency. Therefore, young female students bought grandma's flat slippers and, like artists, turned them into fashionable shoes. According to the memoirs of the famous Belarusian designer Elvira Zhvikova, homemade shoes were enough for a couple of discos. In one of the interviews, the fashion designer said that the strokes in the Soviet Union cost fabulous money. Therefore, young people bought regular corduroy and cut off the small hem with scissors.

80s style: what they wore at the Summer Olympics in Moscow

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Although the bear, as the slogan of the special project of the Championship says, has passed, the fashion for things from the Olympic Games in Moscow are still alive in the modern world. And probably not going to leave.

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