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80 hours of triathlon race: the new goal of the triple IRONMAN

On April 24, within the walls of the World Class fitness club, the City of Capitals Vladimir Voloshin began to cover 5 official distances of the IRONMAN triathlon race. The businessman has set himself a truly incredible goal: in 80 hours he plans to master 19 km by swimming, 900 km by bicycle and 211 km by jogging. And all this with breaks only for an hour's sleep. The championship managed to take a unique commentary before the start and this is what the triathlete himself says about this event.

- Vladimir, how do you feel before starting such a test?

- I feel very good, the mood is excellent, I have strength!

80 hours of triathlon race: the new goal of the triple IRONMAN

Vladimir Voloshin before the start

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva - Championship

- Are you worried?

- You know, I think I've been over the past six months already worried. Every day I thought about how this would happen. Therefore, now the most important thing is to concentrate, probably, on execution, in order to make as few mistakes and rash actions as possible. You need to try to overcome this entire distance at a stable pace, with good health.

- How long did you prepare for this start?

- We continued to train very actively almost half a year, but in general training in such, one might say, permanent state was about a year. It is important to consider here that what will happen now is not an end point. This is part of our two-year big plan to prepare for the ultra triathlon world championship: swimming 38 km, cycling 1800 km and running 422 km.

80 hours of triathlon race: the new goal of the triple IRONMAN

Preparation for the start

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva - Championship

- What is the most difficult for you these three disciplines?

- All disciplines are quite complex, each in its own way. It was difficult because you will be in a fixed position, and, you know, you just need to gain strength and patience to sit this distance. When it comes to running, of course you have fresh air, wind and so on outside. Here, in a closed room, it is quite warm, the air does not circulate as well as outside. Therefore, it is difficult to predict how the body will react to such external factors. And in swimming, monotony is difficult, a large load on the shoulder girdle and on the upper body. But we tried to plan everything. Food, massage, short-term dreams - everything is provided.

- What prompted you to arrange such an eighty-hour test?

- This is such a tradition: every year I put in front of one big ambitious goal in sports (and in business as well), on which, in fact, I am working. Before that, I had a daily marathon. In 24 hours I managed to run 186 km. There was also a desert marathon and other tests in the form of IRONMANs and so on. Now I want to go to a completely different level, try distancesit is in the ultra disciplines. Most importantly, these sporting challenges are all about charity. I have been working with the Rosfond charitable foundation for 5 years, and during this marathon period we will have the opportunity to help a fifteen-year-old girl, collect all the necessary funds for her operation.

Those who do not run with me can support the action online or via social networks.

80 hours of triathlon race: the new goal of the triple IRONMAN

Start of the course in the water

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva - Championship

While we were talking, Vladimir showed a notification from his phone screen that a little over 70,000 rubles had been donated to the charity account.

During the start and throughout the entire distance, Vladimir will be assisted by a team of experts:

Victoria Shubina - head coach, director of the Triathlon direction in the World Class fitness club chain. In 2016, Victoria Shubina became the first of two Russian women to qualify for both Ironman World Championships in one season: Ironman 70.3 World Championship in Australia and Ironman World Championship in Hawaii;

Valery Pluzhnikov - World Class swimming coach ;

Elena Pisanko - doctor, specialist in functional testing.

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