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8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

Quarantine can be used with benefit. Being trapped in the four walls of an apartment is a great reason to start taking care of your health. The simplest thing you can do is to give up harmful products and cleanse the body.

In honor of the beginning of home isolation, TV presenter and personal trainer Anita Lutsenko launched the # 14DaysBesSakhara2020 challenge on Instagram. The girl publishes videos of online workouts and posts about proper nutrition in her account every day. Several weight loss life hacks from Anita, which you might not even have guessed about before, are in the Championship material.

Sweet is the cause of cellulite and bad skin

Giving up sweet is not an easy task especially if you can't imagine life without desserts. This is a real test of strength, during which you will find a useful replacement for a harmful product and get rid of addiction. According to Anita, sweets do our body more harm than good. Sugar provokes cellulite and ugly skin. If you want to tidy up for the summer, start by simply skipping desserts.

Coffee counts as dessert too

If you like to start your morning with a cappuccino or latte, it's best to stop doing that. ... The TV presenter recommends replacing coffee goodies with traditional espresso or Americano without milk. It turns out that milk also contains sugar. And replacing a full meal with a glass of sweet coffee, followed by cookies, you are unlikely to lose those extra pounds.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

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Drinking up to three cups of an invigorating drink or tea a day is considered normal. It probably sounds scary for coffee lovers, but it's worth a try.

Cold water hurts the stomach

According to the coach, to calculate the daily water intake, you need to multiply 40 ml by 1 kg of your weight. For example, 55 kg x 40 = 2 liters 200 ml. Of these, 50% enters the body in the form of drunk water, and another 50% with food (berries, fruits and vegetables). After the calculations, it remains to drink the missing amount of water separately and not replace it with tea or coffee. It is worth saving the stomach and excluding too cold water, room temperature is the most comfortable for the body. You can add lemon to the glass.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

How to eat less sugar and how to replace sweets?

Here's why you are so hungry for sweets and what to eat so as not to succumb to temptations.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

What happens to the body if you refuse from coffee?

This drink interferes with your weight loss and other important processes in the body.

Fruits and berries can make you fat

Fruits and berries, according to Lutsenko, do not abuse, since they toocontain sugar. The daily rate is 300-350 g per day. Dried fruits are also included in this measure. Do not think that they are low in calories.

Therefore, if you eat half a kilo of tangerines or apples, they will turn into the same extra centimeters as fast food with sweets. And, of course, it is better to forget about packaged juices, because they contain an unforgivable amount of sugar.

Real hunger occurs 4 hours after a meal

There should be at least a break between meals 3-4 hours. Each serving should be large and balanced enough to completely fill the body. If you feel hungry after an hour or two, then drink some water. The TV presenter claims this is false hunger.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

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Complex carbohydrates are the best energy for the body

Anita advises to consume more complex carbohydrates, and simple it is desirable to divert 5-10% of calories per day. After all, the right carbohydrates are what produces high-quality energy in our body. Lack of them leads to overeating and sugar cravings.

Complex carbohydrates are found in:

  • cereals;
  • cereals;
  • cereals;
  • legumes;
  • vegetables and fruits (they are high in fiber);
  • whole grain bread.

If you focus on simple carbohydrates, then the energy from them will quickly be used up. You will feel lethargic, fast hungry, sleepy. Excess weight, too, will not keep you waiting if you do not burn calories. Fast carbohydrates are most often combined with fats in sugar, honey, confectionery, cookies, dried fruits.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

Losing weight will be easier, if you follow simple habits every day

Life hacks from a nutritionist that will make your life better.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

What is more caloric? We choose products less dangerous for the figure

Cappuccino or raf, milk or kefir, marshmallow or marmalade.

In the first days of losing weight, water leaves the body

That is why the results of losing weight can seem so fast: for example, minus 2-3 kg in the first week. On these days, fluid leaves the body, as you begin to consume less salt and, accordingly, stop swelling. In the following weeks, the rate of weight loss is about 0.5 kg.

A monotonous diet infringes on vitamins

A healthy diet is not only the right food, but also varied. If your body begins to receive the same vitamins and minerals, then others will be impaired. Therefore, try to diversify your diet so that later you do not buy vitamins that can simply be obtained from products.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

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Lutsenko is in a hurry to reassure those who are afraid of chemicals in vegetables. All the positive effects of using the productovs accumulate in the body, while the negative ones do not have time - thanks to a varied diet.

8 weight loss life hacks that few people know about

PP breakfasts for weight loss. How to eat right and tasty

Unusual recipes for oatmeal, pancakes and healthy desserts.


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