8 sports brands we mispronounce

The sheer number of manufacturers of sporting goods on the market makes us stupid. And not only because it is becoming more difficult to choose the right equipment. Another problem that we often encounter when entering a multi-brand store is how the complex names of foreign companies are pronounced? And, it would seem, with those that are constantly heard, everything is clear. And in Russia you will probably be offered what you need, no matter how you say it. But what if you went shopping, for example, to Europe? We will tell you how to pronounce the names of sports brands so that they understand you.


We have long been accustomed to pronouncing the name of this brand as Nike. However, it comes from the name of the Greek goddess of victory Nike. Therefore, it should be pronounced like Nike. Ignorance of this fact led to the widespread distribution of the first version in the Russian-speaking environment. It caught on so much that it began to be used in the name of the company's official representative in Russia. That is, the pronunciation of Nike will not be considered a mistake, but in order to be understood correctly abroad, we advise you to stick to the second option.


Another name in which Russian speakers often make mistakes. The main one is an attempt to pronounce it as Converse, which in English means communication. Despite the identical spelling, the Americans themselves pronounce the name as Converse, putting an emphasis on the first syllable.

Columbia sportswear

This is an American company, manufacturer and supplier of clothing and accessories for outdoor activities. A common mistake is the pronunciation of Colombia. But here everything is simple, we remember it as in a song - Kalambia pictures does not represent. And Kalambia sportsve very much even represents!


Brand created by a duo of designers from Canada, twin brothers. They are known for their special philosophy, which makes fashion collections that are designed not only for the catwalk, but also for ordinary comfortable everyday life. The complex name of the Italian brand is a play on words that reads like DiscUrt.

Burton Snowboards

Fans of active winter recreation have probably come across this manufacturer. This company was founded by Jake Burton Carpenter in 1977. Accordingly, its name reads like Burton snowboards.

The equipment seems to be sorted out. Let's move on to more expensive shopping. It turns out that we often mispronounce some brands of sports cars.


This is an Italian car. This means that the rules of the Italian language must be applied to the name, and not English, as we are used to. The combination gh in Italian reads g. It turns out that Lamborghini will be correctly pronounced.


And Russian speakers like to call this car in the English manner without the last vowel. However, this brand was created by the German designer Ferdinand Porsche. So the most correct option would be to pronounce Porshe - with an accent on the first syllable and a vowel at the end.


It would seem much easier. However, when pronouncing this firm, the main difficulty lies in the stress. The car was named in honor of the girl Adriana Jellinek - the daughter of the Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek. Households nicknamed her Mersedes (from the Sephardic mercy, grace) - the stress in the nickname falls on the second syllable. This means that the manufacturing company is called mercedes, and most Europeans pronounce it that way. By the way, Americans also soften the last syllable. They get something like mersEdys.

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