8 Reasons You Shouldn't Skip Your Warm Up (Including A Warm Up Sequence!)

8 good reasons to skip a workout

There are days when the path from home to the fitness room becomes an insurmountable obstacle, and you don't feel like going to work out at all. Of course, this is not about those cases when you prefer a soft sofa and TV shows on a daily basis to treadmills and swimming pools. Sometimes it is worth listening to the body, which gives you signals that stress is not at all desirable today. It is at such times that you can use our list of eight good reasons not to go to workout.

Mild sickness

Heavy exertion during an onset of illness is not a good idea. However, in the case of a mild runny nose or the beginning of a sore throat, low-intensity exercise will help to disperse the blood and promote recovery. But here it is better to judge by your well-being. If, among the symptoms, a cough, headache or severe runny nose is found - feel free to cancel classes, they can only worsen the situation.

A nurse in traumatology and sports medicine, a personal trainer of the TOP category, shared her expert opinion with us.> Natalia Khamraeva .

Natalia: Even in case of minor catarrhal phenomena, it is better to sit at home, since a slight runny nose and the beginnings of a sore throat may be the initial signs of ARVI. Even light training in this state will not be beneficial. Moreover, there is a high probability of infecting others.

8 good reasons to skip a workout

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Stay home if you don't want complications. Relax, and first drink hot tea with raspberries or lemon.

Natalia: When the temperature rises, you should never self-medicate, and even more so ignore the symptoms. Be sure to see a doctor.

Muscle and joint pain

Muscles need time to recover. Excessive exertion can lead to exactly the opposite result, so do not forget to give the body a rest.

But pain in the joints can signal an injury, so it is better to go directly to the doctor instead of the gym to eliminate all possible risks.

Natalia: To avoid excessive stress, it is necessary to undergo functional testing in the office of a sports doctor before starting the training, which is a must in every self-respecting club. Only a doctor, based on the results of a number of tests, will determine the permissible level of load and, taking into account the data obtained, will give recommendations regarding the training process.

8 good reasons to skip a workout

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Lack of sleep

Quality sleep is an important part of an effective workout. At least in the gym you won't be much use if you fall asleep right on the simulator. In addition, classroom fatigue increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Natalia: Lack of sleep is a scourge of modern people. And the reasonit may not necessarily serve as a violation of sleep and wakefulness. The best solution in this situation is to consult a doctor who will help you deal with this problem.

Bad mood

You might be surprised, but yes, this can also serve as a good reason to cancel your workout. However, everything is individual here. If in your case sports works as a great way to release endorphins, then you should not give up training, even if you really want to. But if you still understand that you will have to do the exercises today through tears, reschedule the lesson the next day and allow yourself a piece of chocolate or a spontaneous purchase.

8 good reasons to skip a workout

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A banquet or a visit to your grandmother before a workout is a failure. After a heavy meal, at least a couple of hours should pass. If you cannot reschedule the lesson, it is better to cancel it altogether. Otherwise, during exercise, the blood supply to the stomach will decrease - food will be difficult to digest. You are likely to feel heaviness, shortness of breath and even an increased risk of vomiting.

Natalia: Exercise after overeating, like on an empty stomach, harms more than benefits. The concentration and reaction rate are reduced, because, in the first case, the body is busy secreting enzymes for digesting food, and in the second, it tries to work in an energy-saving mode so as not to consume more calories than it can afford.


Many Russians are used to driving out alcohol vapors in the hall. However, at this moment, you rather need light, healthy foods, fresh air and good sleep. Remember: training with a hangover can be fatal!

Natalia: Of course, you should not train in this case. The body is physically not ready for this and training will not only be unproductive, but can also negatively affect health. But you can overcome this negative state with the help of various SPA detox programs or light cardio exercises.

8 good reasons to skip a workout

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Lack of desire

This seems to be the most obvious reason. However, not all so simple. The fact is that the lack of desire to go to training may arise due to the fact that this type of exercise simply does not suit you. For example, why force yourself to run on a hated treadmill if you have gravitated towards dancing all your life? Feel free to cancel your workout and sign up to the nearest dance studio. So you will spend calories and get satisfaction. And most importantly, the need to force yourself to go to practice will disappear by itself.

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