8 functional exercises to train in the gym

In our selection you will find 8 effective exercises to perform in the gym. Together with Sergey Pavlov , the elite trainer of the World Class Presnya gym, we have compiled a series of recommendations that will help answer the most common questions of newcomers to the gym. Which muscle group will have the main load when using a particular simulator? How to do the exercise correctly? What problem areas will this or that complex help to work out? All this and much more in our training videos, which will take less than a minute to watch.

Vertical pull to the chest

Trainer recommendation : include in the workout for men.

Accent : latissimus dorsi.

This exercise involves the lats, trapezius and rhomboid muscles of the back. Developed lats give the figure an athletic shape. The exercise is effective and safe, the movements do not load the lumbar region.

Push-ups from the uneven bars

Coach's recommendation : Include girls in the workout.

Accent : triceps.

This exercise involves the triceps muscles of the shoulder, deltoid and pectoral muscles, triceps. You can do counterweight push-ups on this machine. That is, the more weight you put, the easier it will be to perform the exercise.

Squatting in the Smith machine

Trainer recommendation : Include men in the workout.

Accent : legs.

Very often men, when they just start going to the gym, pay great attention to the upper shoulder girdle. They train arms, triceps, biceps and completely forget about their legs. This is wrong, because in this way the body develops inharmoniously. The Smith Machine Squat exercise engages all muscle groups: the quadriceps, glutes, and adductors.

Hip Abduction

Trainer Suggestion : Include In Workout girls.

Accent : buttocks.

The exercise is very simple and effective, it is aimed at training and developing the gluteal muscles. From the first repetitions you will be able to feel the tension in the muscles, it is important to perform the exercise so that all other parts of the body remain motionless.

Hip adduction

Trainer recommendation : enable in training for girls.

Accent : inner side of the thigh.

The exercise is performed in a sitting position with maximum amplitude. The technique is similar to the previous exercise. Working in a static-dynamic mode allows you to effectively remove fat deposits from the inner thighs, an area that is problematic for many women.

Press at an angle of 30 degrees

Trainer's recommendation : include in training for men.

Accent : upper pectorals, triceps and shoulders.

Exercise is effective in that it allows you to work out the upper chest in isolation. With regular exercise, visually increasethe size of the chest.

Sitting forearm flexion

Trainer's recommendation : Include in the workout for men.

Accent : biceps.

Exercise allows you to work out the biceps muscle of the shoulder (biceps). It is important not to achieve full extension of the elbow joint in order not to injure the ligaments.


Coach's recommendation : include girls in the workout.

Accent : gluteal muscles and hamstrings, lower back.

This exercise will be useful for people who lead a sedentary sedentary lifestyle. With hyperextension, the main load is on the back muscles (lower back, extensors), if done regularly, this will lead to a healthy spine and help to form a beautiful posture.

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