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7 useless tips that do not save you from the virus. Expert opinion

The coronavirus epidemic has completely changed our lives. People do everything to avoid the risk of infection, but sometimes they use tips and life hacks, which in practice turn out to be useless. Together with the leading expert of the Center for Molecular Diagnostics of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, a partner of the SN PRO EXPO FORUM festival, we have collected 7 actions that are familiar to all of us, which in fact do not save us from the virus, although it always seemed the opposite. Mikhail Lebedev explained why you shouldn't do this.

7 useless tips that do not save you from the virus. Expert opinion

Don't panic. How to protect yourself from the coronavirus

Rules that everyone should know.

Wear clothes to open the door

The World Health Organization was confused about the duration finding the virus on the surface of objects, but the fact that it has been there for some time was not in doubt.

People, rather predictably, began to be afraid to touch such surfaces, especially doorknobs in porches and at the entrance to the store. And they began to use clothing to create a protective layer between the surface and the skin. Most often it was about the sleeve of a jacket or sweater, with which the door was opened. But in reality, this only makes it worse, because bacteria and viruses from the doorknob first get onto the sleeve, and then onto the hand, face, phone, and so on. A more effective technique would be to use a napkin folded several times, which should be immediately thrown into the trash can.

Mikhail: The main route of transmission of pathogens of respiratory infections, which include coronavirus in particular, as well as influenza and SARS viruses - airborne.

There is another way - contact. It just implies the transmission of infection through handrails, door handles and so on. Therefore, such simple ways to avoid direct contact with surfaces are quite reasonable. It should be remembered that the main thing is not to touch your face with your hands, wash your hands with soap and water as often as possible and use sanitizers to exclude the presence of some pathogen on your hands. It is much safer than opening doors with a sleeve.

7 useless tips that do not save you from the virus. Expert opinion


Pressing the elevator button with your elbow

A similar situation can be applied to using the elevator. The call button is pressed by all residents of the house, usually more than a hundred people. Therefore, people here are trying to protect themselves. Many have become in the habit of pressing the button with their elbows or even with their knuckles.

The second option is completely meaningless, and pressing the button with your elbow is also unlikely to save you, because then you put your elbows on the work or dining table, and then touch this table or any other surface with your hands. In the case of the elevator button, the same napkin will work much more efficiently.

7 useless tips that do not save you from the virus. Expert opinion

Harmful rules: how muchyou shouldn't run in a mask

Although Sobyanin insists.

Use an antiseptic forever

An antiseptic was advertised so that many people were confident that the constant its use will completely protect you from the threat of infection. But in fact, the antiseptic loses to the usual washing of hands with soap. It makes sense to use it if you wiped your hands with a damp cloth first.

On dirty surfaces, the antiseptic properties work much worse than on clean ones, so if you touch the shelves in the store or the handrail in public transport, and then poured the product on your hands, this does not guarantee protection. So if after that you touch your face with your hands, bacteria will still have a good chance to crawl into your body.

Mikhail: Sanitizers are intended for those situations where it is impossible to wash your hands with soap ... Therefore, if possible, it is better to wash! You can use sanitizers, as a rule, there is no harm from them, the composition is about the same: alcohol and various additives in the form of glycerin, and so on.

7 useless tips that do not save you from the virus. Expert opinion


Wearing one mask for all occasions

Masks and gloves have become a must in our life. In order to save money, people, of course, began to use the same mask several times, or even whole weeks. Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Vitaly Zverev told Interfax why such use of personal protective equipment can do much more harm than good.

Realizing that he can hardly afford to change a protective accessory every two hours an ordinary citizen of the country, an academician advises wearing masks in the subway, shops, but not on the street. When I see that children are wearing masks on the street, I want to ask a question - who will treat their emphysema after wearing this mask? Or when people on a bicycle in a mask ride ... The virus does not fly on the street. If you maintain a social distance, nothing will be passed on to you.

Mikhail: If a person is at rest, then you can extend the time of wearing a mask to 3 hours. With fabrics, everything is the same - replacement every 2 hours. If the mask has become wet, for example, it is possible now, when it is hot outside, then you need to change it as it gets wet.

7 useless tips that do not save you from the virus. Expert opinion

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Dealing with the doctor if you are doing everything right in quarantine.

Treat the mask with alcohol tincture

The use of alcohol in one way or another form was also considered one of the methods of protection. But if the use of alcohol inside did not immediately look particularly effective, then the treatment of the mask with alcohol tincture of propolis was proposed as a life hack.

However, many doctors, in particular the doctor of the Vinogradov hospital Maria Blinova, explained that there is no proven bactericidal action of propolis, but from infection through the breathIt does not protect specific paths.

Mikhail: All such methods, namely to handle a reusable mask with something, absolutely do not work. Moreover, they can also harm, causing irritation of the respiratory tract. The reusable mask does not need to be processed. The main thing is that after you've washed it or steamed it with a steam generator, dry it thoroughly (iron it).

7 useless tips that do not save you from the virus. Expert opinion


Drink hydrogen peroxide

They seem to have sorted out the use of alcohol inside. But soon there were tips about the effectiveness of hydrogen peroxide, which supposedly must be drunk to protect yourself from infection. However, this is not only useless, but also very dangerous advice! It is clearly written on the product that it is made exclusively for external use. Inside it can not be used in any concentration. This can lead to great damage to health.

Holding your breath if your neighbor sneezes

You can often see a picture of a person in public transport trying to hold his breath when his neighbor on the bus starts sneezing or coughing. The same goes for the store and any public place in general. The bottom line is that if the sneezing or coughing is already sick, then holding your breath for five seconds will not save you. Particles of saliva and phlegm will still get into your airways. In addition, microbes can enter not only the nose and mouth, but also the eyes. Therefore, if you are not wearing glasses, you can not even try. Mask wearing and social distancing will reduce the risk, but complete protection is not guaranteed either.

Expert explains why face masks won't protect you from Coronavirus Covid-19

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