One Unexpected Reason You Can’t Stick To Your Diet!

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight

Sometimes the path to the ideal figure turns out to be unfairly long and arduous. Moreover, from the outside it may seem that you are doing everything right. Eat healthy food, do not indulge in bad habits, try to lead an active lifestyle, but do not lose weight, and this is at best. And at worst, you gain even more extra pounds. Perhaps the reason for this stagnation is not entirely obvious things. They do not immediately come to mind, but they quickly reflect on the scale.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight

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Problems with hormones

Hormonal imbalance in the body is the most frequent obstacle to harmony. If you have a malfunctioning thyroid gland or reproductive system, as well as abnormal insulin levels, this is a reason to immediately consult a doctor and start treatment. With such serious problems, diets will be useless or, even worse, lead to backlash in the form of weight gain.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight

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Soy products

They are loved by supporters of healthy eating and vegetarianism, because such products can replace meat and milk of animal origin. However, soy contains phytoestrogens known as isoflavones. These are natural compounds similar in structure to the female sex hormone estradiol. Nutrition experts are concerned that they can severely disrupt hormones, lead to fertility problems and even cancer.

Researchers from the French consumer group UFC-Que Choisir tested 55 soy-based products. These included ready-made meals, desserts, sauces and drinks. As it turns out, a serving of such food can contain the amount of isoflavones up to five times the norm. Therefore, experts recommend that pregnant women and children avoid soy products, while others are advised not to eat more than one serving a day.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight

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Passive smoking

It is believed that smoking suppresses appetite and therefore leads to weight loss. However, scientists from Brigham Young University in the USA have proved the opposite effect of cigarettes on the body, even if you do not smoke, but simply inhale the smoke.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight


During the experiment, the researchers exposed mice to secondhand smoke, monitored the reactions of their bodies and monitored changes in metabolic functions. As expected, the subjects gained weight. The thing is that smoke leads to disruption of the cageto due to exposure to a lipid molecule called ceramide. In addition, secondhand smoke induces insulin resistance, making it difficult for the body to control blood sugar levels. This is fraught with type 2 diabetes and obesity.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight

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Taking antibiotics

In one of the articles scientifically -the popular magazine New Scientist claims that antibacterial drugs reduce the amount of beneficial microflora in the gut and, therefore, can cause obesity.

One of the largest studies on the effect of antibiotics on weight was carried out in Denmark. Scientists have been monitoring the condition of 28 thousand babies for a long time. The Danes found that children who took antibacterial drugs during the first six months of life were more likely to be overweight in the next seven years than their peers who were not treated with such drugs by their parents.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight


The second study was conducted at the University of New York. During the experiment, the scientists wanted to identify the relationship between taking antibiotics and the level of T-lymphocytes in the blood. As you know, obesity is also associated with their low levels in the body. Experts have found that antibacterial drugs, even on short courses, still reduce the number of these cells.

Lack of sleep

If you still feel like getting a lot of work done is more important than healthy sleep, then we advise you to prioritize differently. Lack of sleep directly leads to a lack of energy, changes in hormonal levels, fluid accumulation in the body and improper absorption of fats. All this turns out for a person with a slowed down metabolism, doubly roaming appetite and, of course, extra pounds.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight

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Salads with dressings

How useful neither were the ingredients of the salad, be it vegetables, herbs or fruits, all the benefits of a dish are broken down into sauces. They contain the main dangers in the form of sugar, flavor enhancers, artificial flavors and colors. All this clearly does not contribute to weight loss, so the way out of the situation is to modestly add olive oil to the ingredients or prepare dressings at home. Their variety is impressive: garlic, sesame, citrus, mustard, yoghurt and many other sauces are suitable to replace harmful mayonnaise. And most importantly - natural and much less nutritious!

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight



People who suffer from depression gain weight more actively, and there are several explanations for this. First, some antidepressants stimulate appetite, and the person involuntarily wants to eat more. Secondly, if you are driven into the framework of stress and negativity, delicious food seems to be almost the only source of positive emotions.

7 unexpected reasons why we can't lose weight

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