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7 sports films that deservedly won an Oscar

In a few hours, the whole world will be watching the 92nd Academy Awards ceremony. This is the most important award in the world of cinema, which makes you worry about your favorite actors and directors. This year gave us the pictures The Joker, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and 1917. Together with them, a film about motorsport - Ford vs. Ferrari - competes in the main nomination. And the Football Club of Nefta is fighting for the golden statuette in the nomination for the best short film.

Unfortunately, critics often do not appreciate feature films about sports properly. However, the history of the Academy Award knows a few exceptions. In this selection, we talk about the sports films that won the main award. And in order not to miss important decisions of the upcoming ceremony, you can watch Oscar-2020 in the OKKO online cinema by following the link.


According to most film critics, the main a sport in the world is not football or hockey, but boxing. Yes, it is the films about him that attract the special attention of directors and receive the coveted statuettes. The first sports film to be nominated for an Academy Award was American Champion. Mark Robson's black and white drama in 1932 won two awards: Best Actor and Screenplay.

The Invisible Side

The Invisible Side is a sports drama by John Lee Hancock that was released in 2009 year. The script is based on the 2006 book The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game by Michael Lewis. The film tells the story of the life of the American football player of the Baltimore Ravens team Michael Oere. The film grossed more than three hundred million dollars at the box office and gave actress Sandra Bullock an Oscar for Best Actress.

7 sports films that deservedly won an Oscar

Joker Transformation. Joaquin Phoenix lost 24 kilograms for the role of a dream

Eating 300 calories a day led to real mental problems.

7 sports films that deservedly won an Oscar

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Baby per million

Boxing coach Frank Dunn never managed to raise a champion. He owns a gym in Los Angeles, where he still trains. The daughter does not answer letters, and the best fighter has signed a contract with another manager. Suddenly, Maggie Fitzgerald appears in Frank's life - a 31-year-old waitress who dreams of a hundredbe a boxer. Dunn does not want to coach the woman, but Maggie's tenacity makes him change his mind. Ahead is the main battle, which requires gathering all the will and courage into a fist. This Clint Eastwood film has won seven nominations and received awards in four of them: Best Film, Directing, Actress and Supporting Actor.


Of course we couldn't get through past the legendary Rocky Balboa. At 29, Sylvester Stallone became disillusioned with life and did not get decent roles at all. However, the boxing fight between Mohammed Ali and Chuck Wepner turned the mind of the American actor upside down. Stallone locked himself in a room for three days and wrote the script for the future film. Five months of training and injuries on the set led to the coveted success. The film won ten nominations and won three Oscars: Best Film, Directing and Editing.

Dear Basketball

A five-minute animated short based on a poem by the legendary Kobe Bryant, in which he announced about the end of a professional career. The offscreen text is read by the basketball player himself. In 2018, the film won an award for Best Animated Short Film.

7 sports films that deservedly won an Oscar

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7 sports films that deservedly won an Oscar

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Heaven Can Wait

American feature film directed by Warren Beatty was based on Harry Segall's film And here comes Mr. Jordan. The hero Joe Pendleton, quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams, is ready to lead his team to the Super Bowl, and instead accidentally travels to heaven. To correct an annoying misunderstanding, the hero needs to be moved to a new body, for example, a recently killed millionaire. In 1979, the film was nominated in eight nominations and was awarded the Academy Award for Best Work by artist Edwin O'Donovan.

The Fighter

David O. Russell's work is based on the true story of boxing brothers : current and former. They overcame deep personal dramas by rallying around the goal of winning the world championship title. Christian Bale for the role of stepbrother sbrmastered 28 kilograms - up to 66. His co-star Mark Wahlberg has publicly expressed concern about Bale's health. And yet the game was worth the candle. The fighter won two gold statuettes: for Best Actress and Actor in a Supporting Role.

7 sports films that deservedly won an Oscar

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