7 home workouts. How not to get better during quarantine

Due to the rapid spread of the virus, the authorities of different countries are forced to resort to the introduction of quarantine. Instead of succumbing to fear of infection or, conversely, neglecting safety measures, it is better to be in home isolation for a while. At first glance, it may seem that this way you will definitely say goodbye to good physical shape. Fortunately, there are home workouts that require a minimum of special equipment and as much as you want.

Strength training

It builds muscle strength and endurance. Strength training involves additional weight bearing. Therefore, many people think that they can only be performed in the gym, because there are simulators and barbells.

Of course, for a comfortable workout, it would be nice to find dumbbells at home. But if they are not there, then the inventory will be replaced by ordinary plastic bottles filled with water or sand. In order to regulate the load, choose the displacement according to your strength. Do not immediately pull a five-liter bottle.

Strength training at home can include:

  • weight squats;
  • weight lunges;
  • pulling weights to the chin;
  • lifting weights for biceps, shoulders, triceps, trapeze;
  • push-ups;
  • back push-ups supported on a sofa or chair;
  • various ab exercises;
  • plank, etc.

Cardio workout

It is a mistake to think that only running or an elliptical exercise is related to it. Cardio is any type of anaerobic exercise. During these exercises, oxygen is the main source of energy for maintaining muscle activity.

Aerobics also belongs to cardio training. Basic exercises in this direction can be safely performed at home. To move more energetically, diversify your activity with motivating music.

Basic exercises in aerobics include:

  • steps in place;
  • side steps with arms out to the sides (step touch);
  • curl steps;
  • side kicks;
  • open steps with circular hand movements (open step);
  • plie, etc.
7 home workouts. How not to get better during quarantine

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7 home workouts. How not to get better during quarantine

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Circuit training

This is a set of several strength and cardio exercises for the whole body that are performedin a row, with a minimum break, in one set of 8-15 repetitions. One complete series of exercises is called a cycle or circle. Usually, they perform from three to ten cycles per workout. Rest between them is 1-3 minutes.

Circuit training builds endurance and burns fat well. If you are drying out, this activity will help you achieve your goal even in quarantine. True, due to the high intensity, circular exercises are contraindicated for pregnant women and people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system and joints. Also, do not engage in those who are on a carbohydrate or protein diet.

Plyometric training

Simply put, this is a set of jumping exercises. They are aimed at developing explosive strength. Plyometrics mainly involve the muscles of the legs, as it is based on jumping out.

This workout can include:

  • jumping in place or sideways;
  • jumping with knees to the body;
  • jumping jacks;
  • lunges with a change of supporting leg in a jump, etc.

There is one effective exercise for those looking to build arm muscles with plyometrics. It is similar to light jumping on hands with support on legs.


This is the name of a high intensity fast workout. It consists of Tabata Raud. One round takes 4 minutes and includes 20 seconds of load at the limit of possibilities, 10 seconds of rest and 8 repetitions of this cycle. If one tabata round is not enough, take a rest and proceed to the next.

Tabata develops endurance, triggers the process of fat burning and speeds up metabolism. To achieve maximum results, it is best to include in your workout exercises that engage several muscle groups at the same time. For example:

  • burpee;
  • dynamic bar;
  • climber;
  • push-ups;
  • Jump squats, etc.
7 home workouts. How not to get better during quarantine

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7 home workouts. How not to get better during quarantine

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Pagehatching can be practiced both after the main training session, and separately. These are stretching exercises. They increase muscle elasticity and joint mobility. In addition, stretching improves circulation, relieves muscle soreness, and promotes the production of endorphins that provide a state of calm and satisfaction. Agree, they will not be superfluous now!

Stretching includes:

  • breathing exercises;
  • body bends towards the legs;
  • side bends;
  • exercises to improve the mobility of the joints of the hands;
  • plie;
  • deep lunges, etc.


Yoga also improves flexibility. But Eastern practice cannot be perceived only as an alternative to stretching. It helps a person to develop both on the physical and spiritual levels. Perhaps it is yoga that will help you find harmony against the background of the current situation in the world.

This practice consists of mastering asanas - postures in yoga. If you are just getting to know it, you should start with the simple ones:

  • tadasana - mountain pose;
  • utkatasana - chair pose;
  • adho mukha svanasana - downward-facing dog;
  • virabhadrasana II - warrior pose II;
  • trikonasana - triangle pose;
  • vrikshasana - tree pose, etc.

Only after mastering the basics can you proceed to asanas of intermediate and difficult levels. Just remember to breathe and cast aside negative thoughts.

7 home workouts. How not to get better during quarantine

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7 home workouts. How not to get better during quarantine

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