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7 free apps for an active lifestyle

If you are not a gym lover and think that consulting a professional trainer or nutritionist is beyond your means, we suggest that you turn to free, but useful applications. Download positions from our selection to your smartphone - they will help you build a running training plan, calculate your daily calorie intake, build muscle mass, control the amount of fluid you drink and, finally, come to harmony with yourself.

Nike Training Club

NTC is one of the most popular sports apps in the world. The program contains more than 60 complex sessions developed by professional athletes. Each lesson is accompanied by a video that shows how to do the exercises correctly. Voice commands sound in parallel, and you can also connect your music from the library.

In total, the NTC contains about 100 exercises, most of which affect several muscle groups at once. Classes are built on an interval system and take 15, 30 or 45 minutes. The application is designed primarily for home or outdoor activities, so most complexes do not require special equipment.

7 Minute Workout

The main idea of ​​the application is that if you devote at least a few minutes a day to simple exercises, it will give a much more noticeable result than vain attempts to force yourself to go to the gym. The core of the program is training from the New York Times magazine.

The principle of the training is extremely simple: you launch the application, hear the whistle and repeat the movements shown in the pictures for 7 minutes. For each of them, 30 seconds are given, between approaches - a 15-second interval. The beginning and end of the exercise are highlighted with beeps.


LifeSum Diary is one of the best calorie counting apps. After starting the program, you fill out a profile with basic information that allows the application to determine the daily energy value of food. The time that will be spent on achieving each goal is automatically calculated.

You can add the products you use to the list yourself, or search for them in the library. The program shows you the last meals you ate and highlights your favorites. You can add products that are not yet on the list and specify their energy value using the Create new option. The diary shows the ratio of calories consumed and burned, so you can quickly understand how much excess energy is retained in the body and stored in fat.


PumpUP is a program for fans of strength training and team sports. Audience appThe experience is impressive: the number of PumpUP users has already passed the 5 million mark. It is a network that brings sports fans together and allows them to share their results. In addition, PumpUP offers activity diaries, workout scenarios and social media integrations. The app includes simple animation videos with visual exercise instructions.

7 free apps for an active lifestyle

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7 free apps for an active lifestyle

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Drink water while exercising. But this should be done in moderation. WaterIn helps you keep track of your daily fluid intake. To do this, you only need to note the amount of water you drink during the day. Displacement is set manually if desired. If it is very difficult to determine by eye, you can mark the doses of what you drink: a small glass, a large glass, a bottle. And for those who keep forgetting to moisturize the body from the inside, notifications are provided.

Yoga Studio

The Yoga Studio app contains 65 yoga and meditation lessons. The program offers to choose the level of difficulty and duration: 10 - 60 minutes. Exercises are accompanied by detailed video instructions in HD quality. Users can independently compose a training program from video exercises and blocks with poses. You can also customize the music or turn on nature sounds. You can schedule a class schedule that automatically syncs with your calendar.


RnKeeper is one of the most popular running apps. It helps to track your movements on the map, transmits voice prompts about the pace, distance and running speed. The app also allows you to share your runs with your friends. If you love running to music, you can automatically connect to your Apple Music library. For Android users, there is an option to include songs from Google Play Music. The app stores detailed statistics of your workouts, so you can always check your progress.

7 free apps for an active lifestyle

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7 free apps for an active lifestyle

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