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7 festivals this summer: art soccer, Jazz manor, drag racing and more

Staying at home in the warm season is simply unforgivable. Moreover, when there are so many sports (and not only) events around. By the way, not only active workouts in the gym, but also walks in the fresh air, dancing in the open air, adrenaline and, of course, good mood contribute to improving the figure. Concerned about your fitness, we've rounded up the top 7 activities for June. Don't miss the fun!

World Class Games im. Dmitry Zhirnov

The XIX Summer World Class Games named after Dmitry Zhirnov will traditionally open the summer fitness season and set a vigorous rhythm for the long-awaited season. The official opening ceremony of the Games will take place on June 9 at Poklonnaya Gora. The start of the competition will be given by an open race, in which anyone can take part, not just members of the network's clubs.

Where: Muzeon, Moscow
When: June 8-16
Distances: 10 km, team relay, children's races (500 and 1000 meters)

Epicenter Major

Important event in the world of computer game fans - the International Dota 2 eSports tournament. We are sure it will be hot, because the prize fund of the competition is $ 1,000,000. The tournament winner will earn $ 350,000 and receive 4,950 DPC points to qualify for the main esports event of the year - The International 2019.

Where: CSKA - Arena, Moscow
When: June 28-30

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Russian Drag Racing Championship SMP RDRC

Feel how goosebumps and a slight chill run through the body at the 1st stage of the Drag Racing Championship.

They are waiting for you:

  • fantastic show, cars at 400 km / h;
  • over 100 of the fastest and most unique cars;
  • Dodge Viper (4500 hp), Russian record holder: 402 meters in 6.305 seconds at 366.41 km / h;
  • large entertainment program for the whole family, contests, prizes, sim racing competitions, drift shows, supercars exhibition;
  • race taxi and more.

Where: Bykovo airfield, Moscow region
When: June 29-30

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Open bike race

Free bike ride for everyone who wants to try their hand. Athletes over 14 years old are allowed to compete, but for young participants a separate race for beginners will be prepared under the guidance of experienced mentors.

Where: Roller ski track, Savelki district, Zelenograd
When: June 9
Distances: 5 km, 10 km.


Nike women's soccer tournament

Women's sports program and Nike soccer tournament kick off in Moscow Play like a goddess.
A real festival of sports and creativity will unfold at the venues:For 30 days, each girl will be able to take part in football training for different levels of training, attend boxing, yoga, dancing and other training, show her imagination in customizing women's football jersey.

In addition, you have the opportunity to visit lectures from famous women leaders from various fields: art, science, fashion, etc., and in the evening - listen to music and energize at a party.

Where: Box cultural and sports center MSK and Nike flagship MSK
When: Starting June 7

Schedules and registrations for events are already available in the web application

Art - football

The football theme doesn't end there - in At the end of May, the capital will host the FIFA World Artists' Championship. 16 teams from 23 countries will fight for the football cup. The program of the festival will also include sports competitions, concerts, performances by popular musicians, film screenings and a circus show.

This event will become part of the international charity event Under the Flag of Good, the purpose of which is to help seriously ill children in need of expensive treatment. The guests of the festival will be Emir Kusturica and The No Smoking Orchestra, Mashina Vremeni, Valery Syutkin, Mikhail Grebenshchikov and others.

Where: the territory of the Lokomotiv stadium
When: June 8-16

Encore Fest

The Encore Festival will take place on the night of June 15-16, right before the birthday of Tupac Shakur - one of the most respected rappers in history and the founder of the Outlawz group. Actually, this group will become the headliner. They will be accompanied by Feduk, Mishlawi and A $ AP Illz, Antokha MC, Obladaet, Jacques Anthony, Hamil and Zmey and many others.

Where: ZIL Cultural Center, Moscow
When: June 15

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Jazz Estate

This is the sixteenth international music festival and one of the largest open-airs in Russia.
A new venue, a radical change of image and many different and , including musical surprises and the most incredible metamorphoses - this is far from all that awaits both real adherents of JAZZ ESTATE, and beginners who are just joining their ranks. Among the guests are Black Eyed Peas, Spleen, Ivan Dorn, Caro Emerald, Nino Katamadze and others.

Where: Kolomenskoye, Moscow
When: June 22-23

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