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7 exercises that will replace your running workout at home

Fans of an active lifestyle can hardly endure the protracted regime of self-isolation, but it is especially difficult for runners now. Fitness centers with paths are closed, it is not yet possible to work out on the street, and not everyone can afford to buy an expensive exercise machine for the home. It turns out that running in the usual sense has practically dropped out of the life of athletes. At the same time, each of them wants to keep in shape in order to show the best results again during future starts. It turned out that it is quite possible to cope with such a task. The instructor of the Running community Svetlana Uvarova tells what exercises will allow you to train your running skills at home.

A set of exercises that will replace running training

You will need rug, willpower and some free space in the room. Each exercise should be done for 40 seconds, and then take 20 seconds to rest.

Reverse lunges

Starting position: standing, legs together, arms alongside the body.

At the first count, take one leg back and lunge, at the same time raise your arms up through the sides. On the second count, return to the starting position. Remember that when performing a lunge, the distance between the knee of the supporting foot should be 15-20 cm, keep your back straight, try to bring your shoulder blades together.

Dry swimming in a prone position

Starting position: lying on your chest, legs together, arms extended over your head.

At the same time, tear off the arm and leg of the same name from the floor. Take your leg to the side, keeping it straight, and bend your arm at the elbow. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement with the opposite side.

Dry swimming while sitting

Starting position: sitting on the floor, body is straight and slightly tilted back, legs are raised 45 degrees from the floor.

Work only with your feet, alternately raising and lowering them in weight. At this time, keep your hands in front of your chest, keep balance.

Dynamic plank

Starting position: lying on the forearms.

From the starting position, stretch your right hand forward and then to the side. Repeat the same movements with your left hand.

Dynamic lunges

Starting position: standing, feet together, hands in front of chest.

Lunge with your right foot to the side. At the same time, tilt the body forward, and pHold the uki in front of your chest. Then push off the floor with your right foot and make a cross lunge for your left leg. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movements, starting with the left leg.


Starting position: Half-squat, arms in front of the chest.

Keeping the squat position, tilt your torso slightly forward and touch the opposite heel with your right hand. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement with your left hand.

Advanced dynamic plank

Starting position: lying on the hands.

In the bar, touch the left hand with the right hand, then vice versa. Bend your elbows and lie on your stomach. Bend in your back, lifting your outstretched arms and legs off the floor, and hold for a second in the boat position. At the end, return to the plank with outstretched arms.

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