Sunlight and Your Health: An EnLIGHTening Perspective

7 documentaries that will make you take care of your health

These films can, if not save your life, then at least change the idea of ​​health. This collection contains documentaries mainly about food products, but not only. Each film is a motivational guide to improve yourself. So pick one of these documentaries, sit back, grab some popcorn ... but no. Better still a plate of fruit.

Sugar / Sugar

Released: 2014

Australian Damon Gamo made a film in which became simultaneously the main actor, director, screenwriter and producer. He set up an experiment on himself, carefully controlling his diet. At the same time, Gamo constantly monitored the amount of sugar consumed. After this movie, you will have an idea of ​​how much sugar you consume and in which foods it is really worth fearing. And the picture also has the coolest graphics.

7 documentaries that will make you take care of your health


Food Corporation / Food, inc

Released: 2008

This film caused violent indignation from food companies. It is understandable. The movie reveals in detail what kind of food affects health and what is sold at inflated prices. Much of the film's budget went to lawsuits from the producers. Some companies have even teamed up to respond to the SafeFoodInc website, which talks about the health benefits of their products. The slogan of the film: You won't look at dinner the same way. The picture was nominated for an Oscar.

Heroin (me) / Heroin (e)

Released: 2017

And here's more one Oscar-nominated film about the opioid epidemic in West Virginia. There, the number of recorded overdoses was 10 times the US average. A film about a heroine and heroes who help get rid of drugs. You can feel the compassion of police, firefighters and judges for addicts. The film is only 39 minutes long, but you want to talk about it much longer.

7 documentaries that will make you take care of your health


Hungry for change

Released: 2012

People are programmed to eat food. It sounds scary, but in a sense it is. This film answers the questions: how to navigate a supermarket with a wide variety of products, how to avoid food cravings, how to cleanse the body and what is the point of diets. Wanting to Change will surely make you think about what is time to change in your diet.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Released: 2010

The impressive story of Joe Cross. The title of the film is the diagnosis given by the doctors. Cross decided to give up everything, go on a trip and at the same time drink only freshly squeezed juice from fruits / vegetables / herbs for 60 days, plus play sports. And in order not to lose his idea, Cross took with him an operator who, aftersteadily at every step. Looks quite funny - a fat man is forced to be content with juice when ribs are fried in front of him.

Abortion: Stories Women Tell

Released: 2016

An HBO film in which several girls openly talk about situations with unwanted pregnancies: how they ended up in this position and how they deal with it. Abortion remains one of the most controversial topics and the filmmakers show this with specific examples of girls from Missouri.

7 documentaries that will make you take care of your health

Forks Over Knives

Released: 2011

Research on how nutrition can reduce the likelihood of disease. Many diseases! The benefits of veganism are discussed from a purely scientific point of view. The filmmakers believe that this movie will save the lives of many people. Forks versus knives became a kind of lecture on nutrition with the findings of Professor Colin Campbell.

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