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7 commandments of body positive: they laugh at them, but they love their body

Bodypositive, that is, acceptance of one's body in any of its forms, has been proudly walking the planet for a long time. Designers are paying more and more attention to plus size clothes, and girls who are far from the usual ideals of beauty and model standards are shot in advertising campaigns. Supporters declare that everyone decides for himself what to be, and this does not concern others. Like all movements, body positivity has its own vowel and unspoken rules.

1. Accept your body.

Body positivity returns to the simple belief that you don't need to judge and classify people by their appearance. It is more useful to love yourself by anyone - with great weight, height, with moles, with a large leg, than to hate because you do not want to or cannot fix it. Brands and gloss actively support this position. For example, Winnie Harlow's model with skin pigmentation disorders has become so popular.

2. Find 10 traits that you are proud of, and remember your pride every day.

For example, you can love your curls and enjoy looking in the mirror every day. Do not dwell on shortcomings, think about the merits, - body positivists urge.

3. Do not compare your appearance with those around you, you do not need to remember yourself at an earlier age. All changes in the body are normal.

Such comparisons can have a bad effect on your positive thinking, and you will again become overgrown with complexes against the background of these too ideal, often photoshopped bodies. The modern idol of the movement's supporters is plus size model Tess Holiday, who appeared on the cover of the September issue of Cosmo last year.

4. Imposed stereotypes should not bother you.

Beauty standards are vague and at the same time strict. Casting a glance at an attractive plump girl, the majority notes not charm, but the fact that she needs to lose weight to 90-60-90. And it does not depend on whether there is such a goal in her life or not.

5. The true beauty is hidden within us - this is our spirit.

What, in general, was laid down by our parents: they love not for their appearance, but for their inner qualities. Probably, it is, but the fact that each of us will pay attention first to the candy wrapper, and then to the candy, cannot be denied.

6. Choose only what does not make you uncomfortable.

For example, the clothes in which you feel comfortable, and not the ones that will restrain your movements. Body-posters say that it is not a shame to take off a tight bra, it is a shame to cause inconvenience to your body.

7. Instead of counting calories and looking for a new diet, do something really important and healthy.

This is one of the main messages of movement. Getting too carried away with perfecting our bodies, we waste time that we can useon something more important.

Thinking Radically

Most likely, any adequate person will agree with most of these rules. But everything has its extremes. So, someone looks at these commandments more radically.

Such activists follow the wording of users of social networks, and if you use forbidden words like fat, excess weight or even worse, be persecuted and minified.

An embargo is also imposed on grooming. And in order to consolidate this ban, supporters of radical body positivity come up with crazy theories about the terrible threats that the usual beauty procedures carry, coupled with the unbearable pain they cause.

Who else supports the idea?

I I have already mentioned several times about designers and magazines who invite to shows and shoot girls who do not fit the standards for their covers. Among the brands that dared to use the philosophy of body positive in their advertising campaigns are Dove, Lush, Fenty by Rihanna.

Although back in 1999, Dazed & Confuzed magazine released a sensational cover with Mila Jovovich and her armpits.

7 commandments of body positive: they laugh at them, but they love their body

But the Dressmann brand in its new advertising campaign Underwear for perfect man showed that body positivism is not only for women, but also for men. Half the population has been eliminated from the body positivism debate, according to the brand. And Dressman aims to fix that by portraying men of different ages, weights, heights and races in their campaign.

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