6 films about hockey that are worth watching

Hockey is a sport in which speed and passion can melt the ice on the court. And films about this sport are your hearts. We know that for sure. Therefore, we have prepared for you a new selection of the most spectacular hockey films.

6 films about hockey that are worth watching

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About legendary hockey players and historical matches.

Valery Kharlamov. Extra Time (2007, Russia)

A film that told the story of the life of an outstanding Soviet hockey player Valery Kharlamov even before Legend # 17. As an ordinary Russian guy with a congenital heart defect and being, due to a speech defect, an eternal target for the witticisms of his peers, he was able to twice become an Olympic champion, eight times - a World Champion, become a legend of Russian hockey and a role model for several generations of professionals and amateur athletes ? What was behind all of these, at what cost was it achieved, and what was the price to pay afterwards?

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Ice (2013, Russia)

Domestic a film released on the wave of the success of Legend # 17 and Youth. A difficult story about a young hockey player who moved to another city and is trying to win his place in life. The film is not only about victories and defeats, but also about the difficulties that coaches have to face in raising future champions.

Hockey players (1965, USSR)

Filmed in the best traditions of Soviet cinema based on the story of Yuri Trifonov. The film tells about the captain of the ice hockey team Duganov, a famous athlete and extraordinary person. The famous and experienced player decides to fight for the athletic longevity of old people like him.

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6 films about hockey that are worth watching

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6 films about hockey that are worth watching

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Red Army (2014, USA, Russia)

A documentary film about the Soviet Union and the hockey players of the USSR national team. The story of the transformation from a national hero into a political enemy is being told from the point of view of Vyacheslav Fetisov. This is a story about how social and cultural changes in the country can be reflected in sports, a story about the rise and fall of the national ice hockey team.

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Sparrow on Ice (1983, USSR)

A Soviet film from the 80s about perseverance and striving for victory despite all the difficulties and obstacles. And also about little Sasha and big dreams.

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6 films about hockey that are worth watching

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Puck, puck! (2000, Canada, USA)

For those who want to not only shudder, watch a tense game, but also relax a little - a comedy about a chimpanzee playing hockey. This is a funny story about how a monkey escaped from a laboratory goes out on the ice and becomes a player of the Nuggets team.

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