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5 ways to reboot your body in two days in the mountains

Three months of the new year passed unnoticed, but not for our body. Fatigue and lack of sleep affect the overall health, recovery is required. It seems that this will take at least a week's vacation. But we know that the strength of the mountains will help you recover much faster. Just a couple of days in the clean mountain air and a few procedures are enough for a real rest and reboot.

In order to figure out whether it is realistic to replenish our reserves of strength and energy over the weekend, we went to the popular ski resort Rosa Khutor in SKI & SPA hotel Rosa Springs . About two hours by plane from Moscow, and we are ready to conquer the ski slopes, alternating all this with walks and digital detox. Read about the most effective ways to relax in our article.

Interesting: the hotel relies on the spa component, and not only cosmetic, but also medicinal. After an active day of physical activity, climbing and descending, you can relax one hundred percent, thanks to the opportunities and the special mountain climate make it easy to do this.
5 ways to reboot your body in two days in the mountains


This is not only one of the most enjoyable treatments, but also an excellent therapy. You can stick with the classics and relax with a back massage or try one of the new massage programs. For example, Skier - OFF - relieves tension, pain syndrome, restores strength and energy.

Effect: has a beneficial effect on the skin and muscles, the circulatory, lymphatic and central nervous systems, increases metabolic processes and joint mobility.

5 ways to reboot your body in two days in the mountains


The first impression of pressotherapy is a stunning space suit, in which a specialist will pack you. The already popular cosmetic procedure will relieve not only the head, but also the muscles. A special device in turn compresses certain parts of the body, as if it were enveloped in water at sea depth. Due to this, excess fluid from the tissues is displaced into the bloodstream.

The procedure lasts 30 minutes accompanied by pleasant relaxing music. To be honest, pain and fatigue instantly go away, and then I don't want to get up at all.

Effect: normalization of metabolic processes, stabilization of blood pressure, getting rid of cellulite, chronic leg fatigue, arthritis.

5 ways to reboot your body in two days in the mountains

Inhalation with mineral water

This is the same intake of mineral water, only through the respiratory tract. So useful substances are absorbed into the blood faster and spread throughout the body. This method is widely used in the treatment of rhinitis, pharyngitis, bronchial asthma, during the recovery period after pneumonia.

Effect: getting rid of a runny nose and cough, fighting bronchial diseases, restoring the body and saturation with nutrients.

Interesting: Rosa Springs specificity - balneoLogia, almost everything is built on the water here. This is the only hotel in the Sochi mountains with its own pump room with natural waters of the region, which in taste and medicinal properties are not inferior to the famous Kavminvod springs.
5 ways to reboot your body in two days in the mountains
  • Plastunskaya water is recommended for metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes), chronic gastritis and gastric ulcer, prostatitis, for the prevention of caries.
  • Sochi water helps to restore the gastric mucosa, stimulates the process of hematopoiesis and cell metabolism, lowers cholesterol levels, normalizes the biosynthesis of thyroid hormones, improves immunity, and removes salts of heavy metals from the body.
5 ways to reboot your body in two days in the mountains

Herbal bath

In addition to the heady mountain air, we go to a soothing herbal bath. Steam and aromatherapy treatments provide relaxation and wellness. At moderate temperatures (35 to 50 degrees), a bouquet of herbs opens up. You need to stay in the bath no more than 20 minutes.

Effect: such mixtures with the help of steam penetrate through the pores on the skin, reaching every cell of the body. Combining physical and aromatic effects, the sauna helps to cleanse the skin, remove toxins and toxins from the body, and also helps to reduce weight.


The ancient Greeks used the laconium as a place of relaxation after physical loads. It is now a type of sauna in which the heat comes from heated stone benches. The temperature does not rise above 65 degrees with humidity up to 30%.

Effect: uniform heating of the body relieves muscle and nervous tension, accelerates metabolism and elimination of toxins.

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