Muscle Recovery | 5 Ways to Reduce Soreness

5 ways to help your body recover from an intense workout

In order to achieve the dream body, you have to make sacrifices. After strength training, the whole body may hurt, for several days I don't even want to move. But this can be avoided! Here are five ways to help you fully recover from intense exercise.

Hot treatments

Sauna is available in almost every fitness club. It is really beneficial to visit the steam room after a tiring workout, but the most important thing is not to overdo it and not be in it for more than 15 minutes. The hot temperature increases blood flow and removes harmful substances from the body, which helps to recover from physical exertion.

If you cannot visit the sauna, you can take a warm bath at home and add Epsom salt there. Epsom salt is composed of magnesium, which plays an important role in the functioning of the cardiovascular system. It will be absorbed into the skin and fill the body with useful minerals.

5 ways to help your body recover from an intense workout



Since stretching should only be done when the muscles are warm enough, it is the perfect complement. Stretching works to lengthen the muscles, so it can help speed up your recovery period after strength training. Also, during exercise, the pulse and pressure will return to normal, flexibility will additionally develop, pain will go away. Do not forget about relieving emotional stress after a difficult day.

5 ways to help your body recover from an intense workout

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The effectiveness of your training is influenced not only by the regime and proper nutrition, but also by the time of day.

Green tea

Drinking plenty of fluids after exercise is especially important because your body loses a lot of water during exercise. The best drink for you is green tea. It's all about the chemicals that it contains. They are called catechins. Thanks to them, the processes of fat burning and thermogenesis are stimulated. In other words, tea will finish your workout for you and also restore water balance.

5 ways to help your body recover from an intense workout



If you ask any athlete what is most helpful for recovery after a difficult workout, they will most likely answer: Sleep. It is important to develop a certain routine: get up and fall asleep at the same time, even on weekends. It is recommended to go to bed no later than 23 pm and wake up no later than 10 am. A good sleep restores the functioning of the nervous system, puts in order breathing and heartbeat. Remember to rest for at least eight hours.

5 ways to help your body recover from an intense workout

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They need to be taken care of in different ways.

Massage and self-massage

For some, massage is a unityan effective way to recover from strength training. It speeds up the delivery of nutrients in the body, increases blood circulation, flushes out harmful substances and relaxes muscles. But in this matter it is very important to find a competent specialist who will definitely not harm.

Since visiting a massage therapist sometimes is not possible, you can do it yourself at home. To do this, you need a special foam roller or a wooden roller massager.

Tips for Faster Recovery After Exercise

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