5 unique squash locations that delighted us

Squash is one of the most spectacular racket sports. The stubborn struggle of players takes place on a court, the area of ​​which is about 10 times smaller than a tennis one. The largest squash competitions are held on special glass courts so that spectators can easily watch the exciting competition. Recently, Moscow hosted the International Subbotnik PSA Open squash tournament, which was held in a completely new format not only for Moscow, but also for Russia. A glass court was installed in the metropolitan shopping center Metropolis, on which all the key matches and the final of the tournament were held. 4 transparent walls provide maximum visibility. This is a unique opportunity for a large number of spectators to see the spectacular tournament from any side and even from the upper tiers of the shopping center.

5 unique squash locations that delighted us

Photo: National Squash Center

In our selection, we have collected 5 unusual places for squash tournaments.

Pyramids of Giza

Play and see the pyramid of Cheops in front of you - a fairy tale that has come true. For the first time, squash players had the opportunity to compete against one of the seven wonders of the world in 2006 during the world championship. The next time the squash competition returned to the Egyptian pyramids only 10 years later.

Grand Central Station in New York

The glass court at Grand Central Station in New York is already a tradition. Since the end of the last century, the annual J.P. Morgan Tournament of Champions. The area where the competition is held has approximately 500 seats. The chandeliers provide a special atmosphere, combined with the court, creating a sense of the merging of eras.

Burj Park in Dubai

In 2016, Burj Park in Dubai became the venue for the final squash tournament of the year - World Series Finals. A glass court with a view of the picturesque buildings and the tallest skyscrapers in the world gave the competition a special charm.

Macau Tower

The 2016 Macau Open Tournament was held in China at the foot of the Macau Tower, which is considered the unspoken symbol of this city. Participants and spectators were impressed not only by the building going up into the sky, but also by the colorful fireworks that marked the end of the tournament.

Shopping Center Metropolis

On March 23-25, 2018, the International Squash Tournament Subbotnik PSA Open was held on a glass court installed in the Moscow shopping center Metropolis. Visitors to the shopping center could not only watch the game of world-class professionals, but also try their hand under the guidance of the coaches of the National Squash Center.

5 unique squash locations that delighted us

Photo: National Squash Center

Placing glass courts inside large shopping centers is a common practice in the world squash. But for Moscow it is undoubtedly a unique event. The glass court in Metropolis is just the beginning of a large sports show, which will subsequently continue at other venues, becoming a real squash festival. Given the rather compact size of the court, it can be placed almost anywhere that is suitable in terms of area and height. And that certainly gives a lot of room for imagination.


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