9 Foods You Can Eat at Night Without Gaining Weight

5 unexpected foods that make you sleepy

Very often, sleepiness after eating is triggered by the foods that you include in your diet. Reconsider your diet if you want to maintain high performance as long as possible.


Often people consume this drink in order to invigorate. But sometimes coffee and drinks made with it can have the exact opposite effect. Why is this happening? It's all about the fact that coffee dehydrates the body very much. The main symptoms of dehydration are loss of concentration and severe weakness. So if you really can't deny yourself the pleasure of drinking a cup of coffee, wash it down with a glass of water in half an hour to restore the water-salt balance in the body.

Soda water

The main drawback of drinks , sweet soda and our beloved lemonades and fruit drinks is that they contain a huge amount of sugar, and often caffeine. Thus, these drinks raise blood glucose levels and give you a sharp energy boost for a short time. But you should be careful with such a recharge, because the sugar level will drop as quickly as it will jump, thereby causing drowsiness and lowering your performance.

Cookies and sweets

Desserts have a similar effect on our body. The large amount of sugar in sweets causes the body to produce more insulin. Insulin, in turn, acts directly on the brain and releases a huge amount of tryptophan, which leads to severe drowsiness.


Surprised? Nothing strange. It is a well-known fact that turkey is a dietary meat, but it turns out that it contains proteins that have a relaxing effect. So, eating turkey breast for lunch can make you feel tired and sleepy, so nutritionists and doctors advise preparing this dish for dinner. Before bed, these properties will come in very handy.

Energy bars

And again it's sugar! These bars are very often produced with a lot of artificial and natural sweeteners, which can negatively affect human productivity. So when choosing an energy bar, make sure it is made with whole foods and contains as few unknown additives as possible.


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