5 Hot Tips for Detroit: Become Human

5 tips to help you Become Human

On May 26 and 27, Moscow will host a new stage of an exciting series of races with tests as part of the Reebok fitness festival. Become human. Traditionally, the central part of the event will be an exciting obstacle course. Participants of the team start will face a completely unpredictable track and tests for endurance, strength, agility and teamwork.

The list of tests is traditionally kept secret and becomes known only on the eve of the competition.

But before you challenge yourself and test the strength of your team, learn 5 life hacks from fitness guru Valeria Guznenkova .

On the eve of the festival, we met with Leroy in the space The Base in Krylatskoye in order to find out what will help to pass the distance of the race on the rise and what exercises to include in your warm-up if there are only a couple of days left before the start. Although we sincerely believe that you, our dear readers, did not postpone preparation on the back burner, and will go to the start at the peak of your form.

Life hack 1. Pump up your endurance

Valeria Guzenkova : To walk the distance with a smile, you need endurance. It is important to understand that the gym is not as effective in developing this quality, especially when compared to regular functional training on the street. So while there is still an opportunity, do at least one workout outside the premises.

Life hack 2. Alternate exercise and running

Try alternating exercise and running. In fact, this will be a small imitation of the start itself. Plus, going back to # 1, it will help build your stamina. If you want to develop this indicator in the future, try this training format: running - exercise - running - exercise and so on.

Life hack 3. Distribute your forces

In my last team at the start there were people who trained only in the gym and there were people who just ran. Accordingly, those who run ahead try to drag everyone on themselves, the entire rope that the team is holding on to. Accordingly, they get madly tired of the exercises, not from the fact that they ran, but from the fact that they ran and dragged the whole team behind them.

Life hack 4. Work as a team

Try to keep a common pace. Ideally, before the start of the competition, everyone should practice together at least once, because then you will at least have an idea of ​​what each team member is ready for.

My team and I have been gathering for two weeks now (laughs) practice together.

Life hack 5. Choose comfortable sneakers

Sneakers are the most important piece of equipment! The weather is completely unpredictable and if it rainswill catch you off guard in the middle of the distance, while you will be in gym shoes, everything will begin to slide. This is very dangerous and can lead to serious injury. You should choose running shoes with good tread.

Tomorrow we will show you 3 sets of exercises that you can include in your warm-up or do as preparation the day before the start. Don't miss it!

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