5 things that will make your workout miserable

The right approach to sports can significantly reduce the risk of injury and help you focus on a specific exercise without being distracted by unpleasant little things. Let's figure it out together: what mistakes a beginner can make, how dangerous their consequences can be, and how to fix them.

Drink plenty of water

Surely at least once in your life you have heard the golden rule that says : Drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water per day. But you don't have to complete your entire daily quota before going to the gym. This is how our expert, World Class fitness trainer Igor Ryzhov commented on this point: Remember that if I am thirsty, my body gives me natural signals: for example, my lips dry or I feel thirsty. Very often people come, drink 1.5 liters of water during the warm-up and then are unable to exercise because their stomach is full of water. There is nothing good about it.

5 things that will make your workout miserable

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Come to training in new sneakers

There is nothing more traumatic than coming to the gym in just purchased sneakers. The new shoes have increased rigidity. Therefore, before heading to the gym in a new outfit, put on your sneakers and walk in them.

Don't eat anything

According to statistics, every fourth visitor to the fitness center fainted at least once while exercising or experiencing borderline fainting. Do not be alarmed, this is due to a number of simple reasons. There are several situations that can lead to loss of consciousness. One of them is dehydration of the body. If the load during exercise is high, a person loses a lot of water through sweat. (Therefore, summing up the 2nd and 3rd points of our instructions, drink when you want, in small amounts.) The second reason is long or intense training, which helps to lower blood sugar levels. As a result, hypogleukemia occurs - a decrease in blood glucose levels. With a deficiency of this substance, the normal functioning of the brain is disrupted and a state close to fainting may occur.

5 things that will make your workout miserable

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Eat as much as possible before going to the gym

Another story is the opposite of the previous one. We all have, and this is not a secret, the metabolism works in completely different ways. For some, it is enough to eat something light half an hour before training and feel great. Others, even from a bar or yoghurt eaten an hour before sports, will feel heaviness and discomfort. It is optimal to have a snack no later than 40 minutes before training. Let it be something nutritious and light - for example, a salad dressed with olive oil or soft curd.

5 things that will make your workout miserable

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Do whatever is written on Instagram

Very hourthen fitness gurus and professional athletes post different versions of classic exercises on their social networks: they walk on the treadmill sideways or jump onto a box, holding a weight. Now forget about it - all these sports experiments are performed by experienced pros. If tomorrow you are waiting for the first trip to the gym or going out for a morning run, then forget everything that you read on Instagram and YouTube - guru, remember the base that you did back in school in physical education classes and start with the simplest and most natural exercises: squats , lunges, shuttle running, breathing exercises.

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