6 PACK ABS For Beginners You Can Do Anywhere

5 simple yet effective exercises for the perfect abs

Almost everyone who spends their evenings in the gym dreams of an ideal press. And those who do not carry out will not give up the cherished six cubes. But even the most sophisticated ab workouts sometimes fail if done incorrectly. Together with the trainer of World Class Ekaterina Nekrasova , we decided to show you 5 simple but effective exercises that will help you get your perfect shape as soon as possible. The main thing is not to be lazy and follow the instructions of the trainer.

Crunches on the floor

The exercise is performed while lying on your back. The legs are bent, the feet are on the floor, the arms are at the temples.
On exhalation, twist the press so that only the shoulder blades come off the floor. While inhaling, return to starting position.
25 reps should be performed at a controlled pace.

Alternate leg crunches

We also perform lying on the floor , legs straightened, hands locked above the head.
On the exhale, simultaneously raise the straight leg to the arms, and the body to the leg, then return to the starting position. Repeat the same with the second leg.
It is important to try to do the exercise with a round back and at a controlled pace. 20 reps (10 for each leg).

5 simple yet effective exercises for the perfect abs

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5 simple yet effective exercises for the perfect abs

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Side crunches with a ball

The exercise is performed while sitting. The legs are bent and raised above the floor, the body is slightly tilted back. We hold the ball in front of us in bent arms as a weighting agent.

On exhalation, twist the body together with hands to the side and touch the floor with the ball. Repeat the same in the other direction.
Perform the exercise at a controlled pace. Repeat 25 times.

Curl Variables

Start from a prone position, legs bent and raised above the floor, arms behind head.
Exhale perform skrteaching in the body so that opposite elbow and knee are in contact. Repeat the exercise 20 times, alternating alternating directions of twisting.

Stretching the abs after exercise is an important condition for achieving a flat stomach and muscle recovery. To complete the workout, we have prepared one more simple exercise.

Upward facing dog pose

Lying on your stomach, rest your palms on the floor and slowly bend in your back lifting the head, chest, and then belly from the floor. When doing this exercise, try not to bend too much. We hold in the upper position for a few seconds.

We are sure that after a few repetitions of such exercises, the press will burn! Take a hot bath before bed to reduce muscle soreness and get ready for your next workout.

5 simple yet effective exercises for the perfect abs

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5 simple yet effective exercises for the perfect abs

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5 Best FLAT ABS Exercises for Beginners

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