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5 sexiest foreign actresses under 30 with a great figure

All the world-famous stars as a selection of beauty with perfect athletic shape and slim figure. But you are wrong if you think that this appearance was given to them from birth. Exhausting work is behind the beautiful cover. Here's a selection of motivating stories about self-made world-class stars.

Eiza Gonzalez

Who is she: this beauty is from Mexico, the country with a hot scorching sun and deserts. Hence she has a sexy bronze skin tone. But the figure of the 28-year-old beauty drives fans crazy no less than the acting. Ace acts on the audience like tequila, first clouding the mind, and then hot hits to the heart.

Where to see: Baby on a drive, TV series From Dusk Till Dawn.

How to keep fit: The actress spends all her free time in the gym. Emphasizes strength training. He also enjoys dancing to be flexible and feminine.

Emma Roberts

Who is she: A lot of gossip and rumors are connected with her appearance in Hollywood. Evil tongues whispered that the famous father Eric Roberts or the even more famous Aunt Julia helped her become an actress. But we believe that the most important thing is the result. And Emma showed it from the very beginning of her career. The actress knows how to masterfully transform into different roles: from a naive fool in love to a bitch.

Where to see: We are the Millers, This is a very funny story, TV series American Horror Story and Scream Queens.

How to keep fit: regularly does stretching, Pilates and fitness. Leads an active lifestyle and goes for a run.

Zoe Kravitz

Who is she: very unexpectedly and brightly flashed in the sky of Hollywood stars. Her spectacular appearance and slender figure were immediately noticed by the popular producerss, rewarding the beauty with many roles. The actress was even honored with a Breakthrough Movie Award for her role as a high school student in the film It's a very funny story.

Where to watch it: It's a very funny story, Scream in the Sky.

How to keep fit: the girl spends a lot of time outdoors, often sunbathes on the beach. However, he is very fond of fast food. This little weakness pays off with long and grueling workouts in the gym.

Evan Rachel Wood

Who is she: This girl started her acting courier with cameo roles in sitcoms and comic series. But the supporting actress is also an important and responsible job. Evan has never been complex about her appearance. And this is not a surprise! At first, her seemingly inconspicuous appearance, along with a gorgeous acting game, brought the girl famous awards: repeated nominations for the Emmy and Golden Globes in the category of supporting actress.

Where to watch: TV series True Blood and the World wild west, come what may.

How to keep fit: Evan can often be seen on the treadmill in the gym. Despite her busy schedule, the girl always finds time to go in for sports to make her figure more beautiful and feminine.

Emma Watson

Who is she: the sultry beauty has become a favorite of many viewers since childhood. Her naivety and simplicity, shown in Harry Potter, touched everyone. But time passed, and the girl grew up. From a funny girl with a mane of wavy red hair, she turned into a sexy girl that captivates many. Now, in the prime of her career, the image of Emma is very bright, and external data, including the figure, are the subject of everyone's admiration.

Where to see: all parts of Harry Potter, It's good to be quiet , Beauty and the Beast.

How to keep fit: Emma is a very athletic girl. But she combines her femininity with a love for men's sports, such as boxing. This helps her to concentrate and be as collected as possible.

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