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5 Russian Fitness Fair 2018 presenters who will make you even cooler

At the end of August, the Russian Fitness Fair was held - the main fitness event of 2018, organized by the Crocus Fitness chain and the Moscow Federation of Fitness Aerobics. The number of famous speakers was dizzy. There were trainers, dancers, and businessmen. Many of them share useful information not only from the stage, but also on the networks. We have selected the coolest Instagram presenters from the Russian Fitness Fair 2018 for you. Now you can get inspired without leaving your home.

Todd Darkin

The legend of American fitness gave several master classes at once. The trainer has entered the top 100 most influential people in the field of fitness and works with the highest level athletes in the NFL, Major League Baseball, MMA and the Olympics.

Todd's motivating Instagram has only 27 thousand subscribers. We need to fix this!

Elina Muratova

Elite is a trainer of CROCUS FITNESS, an ambassador of Reebok, a national trainer of Les Mills Russia. Presenter of international fitness conventions in Europe, USA, China, Russia. Starred in promotional videos and photos for ReebokONE, Boston, USA. In addition, Elina is also a very beautiful girl who can inspire you to set new records in the fitness room and treadmill.

Sasha Oshkin

Dancer, model and actor. He created the Aero New Style and is one of the founders of the legendary Jack's Garret team. By the way, you can find many inspiring dance videos on his account. Who knows, maybe after watching them you will also decide to go to the dance floor or enroll in a dance school?

Vlad Petrov

General Director of the CROCUS FITNESS fitness club chain, radio host. Subscribe if you want to be the first to know everything about the life of the fitness network and not miss interesting events.

Pavel Gundorin

Pavel has a very busy schedule. He is a master of sports in artistic gymnastics and regularly participates in championships and cups in Russia and Moscow. International presenter of fitness conventions, trainer Les Mills, author of fitness articles for Men’s Health magazine, fitness model for Men’s Health and Sport Week magazines. Moreover, the presenter finds time to participate in such a television project as the Big Race. We should definitely learn about time management from him.

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