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5 reasons why basketball fans should check out the Clinic

Although the time of self-isolation is over, the return of some sports can only wait and see. The National Basketball League matches are scheduled to resume only on July 31, and we will not see the National Hockey League until the middle of next month. Also this summer will pass without the Olympic Games. But you need to occupy yourself with something, one of the options is to watch the American television series Clinic, which has long become a classic. We've rounded up five sports reasons to take a fresh look at it.

5 reasons why basketball fans should check out the Clinic

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Basketball. There is more of it here than now in the whole world

There is a lot of basketball in the TV series. In one of the coolest moments of the series, young Dr. JD was about to beat the surgeons. For this, he dressed up and even put on special glasses. Alas, his team lost, although there was Chad in it - a very tall guy whose head did not even fit into the frame!

Dr. Perry Cox is a Detroit Red Wings fan

Dr. Perry Cox is a crazy fan of the red wings. In times of crisis, he even wears a T-shirt with the name of Chris Chelios. He has a lot of such jersey, so he willingly distributes them to his friends.

The situation is similar with another favorite team of the doctor - the New York Giants. He also respects basketball, and believes that it is he himself - Perry Cox - the best basketball player in history. In addition to basketball and hockey, the legendary doctor is also fond of baseball, but at the same time considers the Boston Red Sox baseball team unworthy.

5 reasons why basketball fans should check out the Clinic

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Nurse Laverne Roberts is not just viewer

Nurse Laverne is probably the strongest basketball player on the show. She knows which clinic is the best at playing this game. Roberts often comes to watch the guys' matches. In one of the episodes, she demonstrates her level of play and throws the ball into the ring with a magnificent jump.

Christopher Turk in the All-Star Game

Christopher is one of the most important basketball fans in the series. Only Laverne can compete with him. The performer of the role of Turk, Donald Faison, is a passionate fan of the New York Knicks himself. Once the actor even took part in the NBA All-Star Game. And before filming the new season of the Clinic, I hired a personal basketball coach, thanks to whom I significantly increased my level of play.

Loni's resident

Loni's resident plays basketball the best in the clinic. only defeated Turk when he tried to prove to Dr. Perry that he was black. And according to Nurse Roberts, Loney was the Villanova University Conference Year Basketball Player. Therefore, being Cox's whipping boy, the resident was not only good at basketball, but also successfully study to become a doctor.

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