How To Lace Running Shoes For Your Best Fit and Improved Comfort

5 powerful ways to tie your shoelaces to make running more comfortable

For a comfortable and reliable run, it is not enough to buy good sneakers - you still need to lace them up correctly. There are many different ways: for wide and narrow feet, for flat feet and high instep. Choose the one that suits you and enjoy your run!

5 powerful ways to tie your shoelaces to make running more comfortable

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Method 1. Loop

This lacing provides a snug fit that prevents displacement of the foot in the shoe while running, regardless of coverage.

How to:

  • pass the lace through all available holes on the sneaker except the last one;
  • on each side, pass the lace through the top hole, leaving a small loop;
  • cross the lace and pull it through the loop left;
  • Tighten and tie the bow.

Method 2: Diagonal

This method of lacing your sneakers will avoid black nails - a common problem for runners caused by the pressure of the toe on the nail.

5 powerful ways to tie your shoelaces to make running more comfortable

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How to:

  • thread the lace from the side that is closer to the big toe (on the right leg - this is on the left, on the left - on the right);
  • we pull it up and pass it through the very last hole from the opposite side;
  • take the second piece of lace (it should be much longer) and lace it up as usual (diagonally).

Method 3. Parallel

Suitable for those with a high arch of the foot: such lacing will help reduce pressure on the upper part of the shoe while running.

How to:

  • pass the lace through the bottom holes and take the sneaker inside from both ends;
  • we lift one end of the lace up from the right, take it out of the upper hole and thread it into the left hole;
  • lift both ends up and out each through one hole, stretch to the opposite side and pull higher.

Method 4. With gaps

This method will help to get rid of discomfort for those with wide feet. If running after it is still uncomfortable, then you need to change your shoes.

5 powerful ways to tie your shoelaces to make running more comfortable

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How to:

  • lace up as usual, but with two gaps.

Method 5. Lock

This method helps prevent over-stretching of the plantar fascia and medial tendons, so it is suitable for those with flat feet.

How to:

  • zigzag to the penultimate hole;
  • pass the laces through the last hole on each side parallel to each other;
  • insert the ends into the eyelets on the opposite side;
  • tie a bow on the side.

All of these methods will help you keep your run comfortable and much safer. Choose the one that's right for you.

How to lace running shoes // Less injury, more comfort

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