Top 10 Music Festivals Around the World Worth Traveling To

5 of the best summer festivals to visit

Summer is the time for festivals. In recent years, dozens of successful festivals have appeared in Russia with good performers and programs. We've put together the best festivals of the second half of summer for you.

5 of the best summer festivals to visit

Monday morning: summer events not to be missed

The best competitions, festivals and starts you can still get to.

VK FEST 2019

When : July 20-21
Where : St. Petersburg

The main social network of Russia is holding a two-day anniversary festival and gathers the most popular artists in one place. In addition to musicians, you will find performances by comedians and popular bloggers, lectures and many interactive sports: from a table football tournament to an autograph session with Andrey Arshavin. Go offline for everything you search on the internet.

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Red Bull Flugtag 2019

When: July 28
Where: Rowing Canal, Moscow

Dozens of creative teams will again launch their strange airplanes into the water under the auspices of Red Bull. Each launch is judged for originality, artistry and flight length. We invite you to personally evaluate the teams according to these criteria, and, possibly, get inspired to participate in a future start. Free admission!

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Poster Picnic

When : August 3rd
Where : Moscow, Kolomenskoye Park

The poster invites its readers to a traditional picnic. A solid line-up is responsible for pleasant music, headed by The Cure, Basta, Pusha T. The site will also have a large market, various sports and entertainment interactions and a large food court. What else do you need for a mental picnic?

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5 of the best summer festivals to visit


Alfa future people 2019

When : August 16-18
Where : Bolshoye Kozino village, Nizhny Novgorod region

You can come off like the last time and see off the summer on AFP. For the sixth time, the best DJs and lovers of dance music and bright shows will gather for three days near Nizhny Novgorod. In addition to music, you will find sports activities, lectures and performances. Judging by the videos and stories of the participants, it was hot last times.

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Red bull music festival 2019

When: August 30 - September 1

Red Bull gathers musicians from all over the world in Moscow and mixes them in line-up with talented Russian performers, thereby developing a cultural dialogue between countries in anticipation of interesting mixes and experiments. WeightThe festival is not only a musical, but also an experimental platform. One of the performances, for example, will be held in the open pool Chaika and will be underwater.

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5 of the best summer festivals to visit

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5 of the best summer festivals to visit

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5 of the best summer festivals to visit

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