5 mistakes on the way to beautiful press. What are you doing wrong?

This happens often: the press sways with enviable regularity, and that long-awaited relief is in no hurry to appear. Why is this happening? Perhaps the reason lies on the surface: a beautiful abs is not only the result of exhausting workouts, but also a correct, balanced diet. But what to do if your diet is as close as possible to the advice of fitness gurus and qualified nutritionists, and the "tummy" is still in the place where the cubes are about to appear.

In our material, we will consider five typical mistakes associated with improper technique of performing exercises on the press.

Holding your breath

Holding your breath, you deprive the body of the required amount of oxygen, thereby reducing the effect of the exercise. Tip: do an upward movement as you exhale, so the "trunk extension" will automatically happen on inhalation. Exhaling vigorously while twisting will engage the deep abdominal muscles.

Why are abs exercises useful? In addition to giving your figure a beautiful athletic shape, your posture will change noticeably as the muscle corset becomes tighter.

Relax ahead of time

Many people work vigorously by doing twisting and then relaxing lowering the body onto the mat. If you do the same, then you do the exercise only halfway. Tighten your abdominal muscles as you move up and just maintain this tension as you move down. Move smoothly instead of dropping your body to the floor.

Movement by impulse, not force

You get less twisting effect if you are in a hurry. In this case, your movements are carried out due to inertia, and not physical force. At the same time, the joints and back are overloaded. Tip: at the end of each crunch, stay with your back on the floor. Slow down before doing the next rep. This will not only help you do the exercise correctly, but also reduce the risk of injury.

5 mistakes on the way to beautiful press. What are you doing wrong?


You include the cervical region in the process

If you do not want your arms to help you twist, you should not transfer some of the load to the neck. To achieve the correct body position, you can cross your arms over your chest or place your fingers around your ears (while pointing your elbows forward).

Raising too high

Twisting is not just a torso lift. By going too high, you transfer the load from the rectus abdominis muscles to the hip flexors. Focus on moving the ribs towards the navel. Lift your chest just a few centimeters - that's enough to feel the tension.

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