5 life hacks for training in the hot season

In the summer, I want to spend more time outdoors. There is no desire to spend precious hours of training in dark fitness rooms. But what to do when it's hot outside and even just getting around the city becomes much more difficult? We know a few life hacks for your productive workout in this weather.

5 life hacks for training in the hot season

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Choose the time and place

Of course, in summer it is much easier to train in the morning or evening hours, when the air has not yet warmed up or is already cooling down after the sun. The best time is in the morning before 9:00 or in the evening after 18:00.

If possible, it is better to practice in the shade: in the forest or in the park. The heat is more easily tolerated by the water, so the embankment is the best suited for jogging.

Dress correctly

It is important to choose your clothes correctly. There are a number of points to consider. First, do not forget about a hat that will protect your head from overheating. It is better to hide your neck and shoulders from the sun, otherwise you can get sunburn. The lower part of the body is usually covered by the shadow from the body, so feel free to wear shorts. Don't skimp on workout clothing - it should wick sweat away from your body and protect your skin from burns, but be light and thin.

5 life hacks for training in the hot season

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If it is water, then it should not be cold. This will only increase perspiration and leave your body too quickly. Replace it with tea or kvass.

Another option is ice tea. Brew weak green tea, add lemon, mint, some honey and ice. Voila, you're saved.

Wet your ankles

Better yet, your feet completely. These places are a storehouse of biologically active points, so your body will tolerate heat much easier.

It is good to have a spray of thermal water with you. It's much easier to refresh your face, body, and the same ankles if necessary.

5 life hacks for training in the hot season

Photo: istockphoto.com

Cool off with a scarf

Life hack from the Japanese - a white scarf around your neck. But it must be light and wet. Soak it in cold water and tie it around your neck. And so on several times until it becomes easier.


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