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5 days that will change your attitude to sports

Any sport - both professional and amateur - requires an infusion. You just need to realize your goal, get used to the contact pedals of the bike or run the first 10 kilometers in order to understand: do you need all this? And the more serious and ambitious that very goal is, the more you will need to be imbued with all the details of the direction that you decide to master. Agree that you can run like a real runner on the track in a fitness club, but still not master your top ten in the race.

In one of our materials I already wrote that together with the readers of the “Championship ”I will go through this difficult path in preparation for my first triathlon start and will try to tell as much as possible about all the intricacies of the process. It was in order to feel the atmosphere of the triathlon that in August I joined the Iron Babes By World Class team and went to the first (not counting school) training camp in my life.

Where was it? Rosa Khutor
When was it was? August 28 - September 3

You need to go to the training camp, even if you are 30 or 60

Contrary to popular misconceptions that training camps can only be for professional athletes before the competition, it would be wrong to call our intensive in the mountains any other way. Each of the team members received an approximate training schedule in advance. Approximate - because the weather in the mountains is capricious, so the error is always included for unexpected rain / fog and other unforeseen circumstances.

I will share with you our training schedule, then I will tell you more about each item:

28.08 Breakfast Equipment selection Lunch Bicycle Dinner
08.29 Breakfast Swimming pool Lunch Functional Training Dinner
30.08 Breakfast Swimming Lunch Yoga Dinner Lecture on Nutrition
08/31 Breakfast Bicycle Lunch Run Dinner
01.09 Breakfast Swimming Lunch Cross Hike Dinner Lecture on the course
09/02 Breakfast Bicycle Lunch Dinner

Mentally add to this improvisation in the form of functional warm-ups, light jogging in the morning, early waking up, and do not try to conclude that this program is not at all difficult. Here is the place for the remark of our coach, the inimitable Victoria: “Guys, if someone hasstrength, I will personally play volleyball with you. ”

Test one: beginner on a road bike

Before the training camp I was asked if I can ride a bike. Naturally, I mentally replayed in my head all my trips on city bicycles around Moscow, smiled and replied that “of course I can”. But the trouble came from where it was not expected. Immediately upon arrival at Rosa Khutor we were handed very beautiful, very expensive, very light ROAD bicycles. I must admit that I have never ridden such miraculous bikes in my life.

And ahead of me was "Test # 2": all road bikes were equipped with clipless pedals. For teapots like me, let me explain: these are pedals that are sold with special cycling shoes. Cycling shoes, in turn, attach to the pedals themselves on the road bike. And so, at your own peril and risk, with your feet fastened, you rush on the way to your first IRONMAN. True, I was allowed to study in sneakers, but it didn't make it easier. The road bike itself is very light, maneuverable, allows you to develop good speed, but compared to your usual mountain or city “bike friend” it is completely different, it is important to feel it. But the good thing about the training camp is that, having plunged into the real process with your head, you begin to understand that the path to the first triathlon start is a colossal work to overcome your “I can’t” and “I don’t want”. But first of all it is, of course, a thrill! In this regard, I will highlight two important points.

  • Want to make friends with the road bike and spin your triathlon start to the max? More practice! The trainers in the fitness room will not give you a complete picture of the feeling “in the saddle” of a road bike.
  • When choosing cycling shoes, check the shoe linkage and pedal contacts. Many of the guys in our group had soft bindings and it was easy to remove their legs from the pedals, but my triathlon colleague had a rather stiff mechanism, and it took a lot of effort to remove the leg.

The clever will not go uphill, the clever will run on a cross-hike

One of the items on our schedule was a “cross-hike”. I went on hikes, ran crosses a couple of times, but ... so that everything at once and together ... We ran at an average pace, because there were newcomers in the group (okay, I'll write honestly, there was one newcomer in the group - that's me).

The whole road was divided into intervals: run, walk, stop, do exercises, run, walk uphill etc. Several conclusions under this paragraph.

  • Cross mountain trekking is a great cardio endurance workout.
  • Pay special attention to your knees when descending. Remember that your downhill movement should feel more like a free fall than constant braking.

Open Water Swimming: Everything You Need to Know

Everything You NeedWhat you really need to know is that swimming in open water hardens not only the body, but also the character. And also, perhaps, the fact that it is radically different from training, swimming in the pool. I will remember my first swim in open water for a long time. The buoys were our landmarks. That is, first we all swam from the coast to the buoy, and then we began to swim between them.

In general, in my first training camp I got a lot of jambs with the selection of equipment: I didn't buy something, I forgot something at home, but here I made one of the unacceptable mistakes for a beginner - I arrived in Sochi, leaving my wetsuit in Moscow. Be sure to take note:

  • A triathlon wetsuit and a wake / surf wetsuit are not the same thing. Your suit should be soft and flexible, otherwise you will feel severe discomfort with constant bending of your arms;
  • The triathlon suit is needed primarily to help your body maintain the correct position in the water;
  • No excuses! We swam in the stormy sea in the rain. We are alive, this is real. Do not deny yourself the desire to swim, finding excuses related to weather conditions (within reason, of course).
The next triathlon camp in the company of coach Victoria Shubina will take place from 25.10 to 31.10 on about. Sardinia. You can find out more information by calling +7 (965) 315 04 57.

Recovery: detox for body and soul

In our busy schedule, in addition to everything described above, there were lectures, morning jogging, yoga in a beautiful studio with panoramic windows. These fees helped me and many guys love the sport we do even more.

So if you want to fall in love with triathlon at first sight, “pump” your knowledge in various fields, but don't know how yet, you urgently need to go to training camps and have a total reboot of your brain and body.

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