5 cult tracks about football: Queen, Kasabian ... Mushrooms?

Football, bars and rock music. Here it is, the holy trinity of British culture. Since the second point is not our format, we connected the other two in a joint special project with the Japanese manufacturer of musical equipment Audio-Technica . And we asked five of our authors to rate the sound of their favorite football tracks in the new ATH-ANC500BT headphones. And at the same time tell us why they love them.

5 cult tracks about football: Queen, Kasabian ... Mushrooms?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

Survival and Popcorn

Performed by: Muse
Narrated by: Eugene Kustov, Auto section editor

It is almost impossible for me to choose a couple of the best Muse songs: this is one of two or three bands from which I will be happy to listen to almost all compositions (well, except for those from the gray pre- and penultimate albums). If so, for this material I chose and cut in two not the most popular, but directly related to sports songs.

Survival, if anyone does not know, the official song of the London Olympic Games. So when at the 2012 Games I entered the arena 5-10 minutes before the start of the next competition, I got a great chance to listen to my favorite band once again. Even then, I was lucky to get a ticket for the closing ceremony of the Olympics - and listen to Survival there again, but now live. There were, of course, other members, but I remember only Muse and Spice Girls - the latter then reunited only for one evening.

As for Popcorn, you know this melody very well, albeit in a different arrangement ( there are hundreds of them, and the original was written back in 1969). We watched Well, wait a minute !? There, one of the versions of the composition was in a series at a construction site. Well, the melody is connected with sports in a peculiar way: it was used in the Sportloto screensaver. As for Muse, they did a cool Popcorn cover for one of the French TV programs and then played it live for a while. It's a pity that they don't do it anymore - you just have to watch the recordings on YouTube.

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Performed by: Oasis
Narrated by: Valeria Barinova, Lifestyle Section Editor

One of those songs with which I have the warmest feelings and memories. Immediately it seems like a long drive from city to city on weekends and the music from the speakers to the fullest. Or one of the evenings in Paris, when young mthe musicians played right in front of the Eiffel Tower, so that I listened for several hours. The song has become so popular that it is no longer associated with football in the first place. But the lead singer of the group Noel Gallagher is a big fan of Manchester City. I remember seeing a video from the club's dressing room after one of the matches in the spring, when she and Noel performed Wonderwall and made a great gift to the fans. It was cool!

By the way, it is interesting that the musicians themselves are not very impressed by the song. Noel said: Outside England, this is our most famous song, and it annoys me as hell. This is not rock and roll. She's pretty touching. When people come up to me and say that this is one of the best songs ever written, I think: Have you ever heard “Live Forever?”. But City fans like it, and not only them. There are tracks that you can listen to endlessly.

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5 cult tracks about football: Queen, Kasabian ... Mushrooms?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship


Performed by: Kasabian
Tells: Maxim Eremin, Championship correspondent

Usually Kasabian is associated with some Club Foot from old Fifa or with Fire, which was once the anthem of the Premier League. In vain. I remember a time when I really wanted to believe that the word underdog flew into the Russian language because of them.

See the local loves a fighter
Loves a winner to fall.

What if this track inspired Srivaddanaprabhu to buy Leicester out the year after the album was released? In 2014, another came out, and then Lester went to the Premier League. And after a couple of years, the Casabas gave a live at their home stadium dedicated to the first championship of the eternal losers.

When I imagine how Leicester will score in the Premier League, and the fans jump in the stadium to the Fire we composed, I understand that nothing better will happen in my life, - the soloist Serge Pizzorno once said. It went even further: Ranieri played their tracks in the dressing room - to tune in to the game.

Underdog is one of those songs that you want to shout (not sing) in a pub in the morning. And it never loses its relevance. By the way, where is Lester now in the table ?.

The ice is melting

Performed by: Mushrooms
Tells: Daniil Salnikov, Tennis Section Editor.

Is this song not about football? Dcome on. This is a hymn to our warmer relations with the Russian national football team - in the summer of 2018. This is where the real ice has been since 2008.

The track itself is a real virus that gets into your head and doesn't want to get out of there. As soon as it was born, this song captured the minds of millions, it took the first lines of the charts and broke all the viewing records on YouTube. Then, on the wave of hype, memes and parodies began to appear. And even these parodies began to gain millions of views. The ice is melting in their own way Ivan Urgant, Philip Kirkorov, guest workers, schoolchildren and even at that time the main fan of Lokomotiv Olga Buzova.

Psychologists tried to explain the phenomenon of popularity of this work of the Mushrooms group and concluded that endlessly repeating sounds in one modulation, they were placed so that people experience inner meditation, when there is a certain calming, balancing of the psyche. But it's not that simple. In addition to the melody, there are also words, and the poetry of Melting Ice is very deep, although, at first glance, everything seems to be simple and clear.

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5 cult tracks about football: Queen, Kasabian ... Mushrooms?

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

We are the champions

Performed by: Queen
Tells : Andrey Pankov, correspondent for the Exclusive News Service.

This is the most arrogant and narcissistic song I have ever written - this is how I described my one of the greatest songs by the great Freddie Mercury. Queen wanted to come up with a song that the whole stadium could pick up, that everyone could understand. They succeeded. We are the champions is perhaps the main song of the whole sport.

It is included literally after every final competition: whether it be the final of a school district football tournament or the final of the world championship. Its beauty is that it is also suitable for life situations. For example, it is pleasant to return home with it after successfully passing an important exam, which I do quite often. We are the champions is a great song and absolutely the main one for the whole sport.

I myself first heard this song when I was five years old. Father once turned it on for the whole apartment. Hearing it, I asked: What are they singing about ?. Dad replied: This song is about great things and I hope you will hear it many times in your life.

Try to hear your favorite song like never before. What tracks do you associate with football?

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