8 secrets from losers who keep their weight off

4 tips for those who have already lost weight. How to keep the result?

Expert of the Championship wellness coach Andrey Semeshov - on how to keep the result after a diet.

Sad statistics

Official medicine in Russia shrugs its shoulders : eight out of ten people who have lost weight under the supervision of doctors in a period of three months to six months, after the end of the course of treatment, restore their original body weight. Among those who go through various diets, gleaned from magazines or from acquaintances, the statistics are even sadder. There was even a special term for such cases - the yo-yo effect, named after a toy that always returns to the palm.

Overseas colleagues are in solidarity. You can lose 5-10% of your weight on any of the many diets, but the weight will come back, - confidently states the professor at the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Tracy Mann. - We found that the majority are gaining weight back, and even more than the original indicators. Sustained weight loss was recorded in only a very small number of participants, while the vast majority gained all the pounds back.

The professor's words can be trusted. She came to such conclusions after careful study of 31 scientific studies. And the conclusions are as follows: it would be better if people did not start losing weight at all, since health was undermined first by a sharp weight loss, and then by a reverse set.

This is, of course, rather sad irony. To put up with being overweight, and even more so obesity, means deliberately dooming yourself to a multiple increase in risks not even reaching the pre-reform retirement age. Plus a serious decrease in the quality of life, plus dissatisfaction with oneself, plus complexes, plus many other disadvantages.

And there is no other way to defeat stored fat, except to limit calorie intake, it is better if accompanied by an increase in energy consumption (walking 12 thousand steps and two or three visits to the fitness center per week are fine). Let me not seriously consider bariatric surgery with cutting out parts of the stomach and sewing in balloons.

You can call this process whatever you like, but the term diet is also quite suitable. Although I personally prefer to operate with concepts such as diet, for example.
Be that as it may, giving up diets, in fact, means giving up the intention to get in shape. So we will talk about how to be among those 20% (and if you believe more pessimistic statistics - even 5%) lucky who manage to part with sticky pounds for a long time, or better forever.

Tip # 1. Do not rush to lose weight

A well-known phenomenon - if a poor person suddenly won a large sum of money in the lottery, it is highly probable that he will soon return to his former financial hole. The explanation is simple - he is not used to such finances, not ready for a decisionproblems that are inevitably attached to big business. Therefore, he subconsciously seeks to get rid of money and return to the usual state in which he is used to.

4 tips for those who have already lost weight. How to keep the result?

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I think the analogy with diets is clear ... There are many express methods for losing weight. Hunger strikes, ultra-low calorie diets, several hours of exercise every day. You can surprise the Internet with before and after pictures with a difference between them in 1-2 months. But alas, after about the same period of time, the photo before, at best, will become a reality. Or even turn into a standard of form, to which you still need to lose weight.

Our fat has been accumulating for years, the body is slowly getting used to the changes. And then suddenly - once and such a jackpot in the form of press cubes. You may be happy, but your body and your brain are not ready for such rapid changes and will try to return the status quo as soon as possible.

What does it look like? The simplest option: I suffered so much on this diet, I deprived myself of everything, well, now you can afford something! A day, two, three - and the jam does not stop. A week passes. The silhouette in the mirror is slightly swollen, but everything in the shirt is still just fine. And every day we promise that today we will still eat and from tomorrow again on cucumbers and dumbbells. Alas, it won't work. Having experienced such a serious stress, few people are able to find the strength in themselves for another similar circle of hell. Practice shows that after such express weight loss, the psyche must first be put in order, and normal eating behavior must be returned. Therefore, the first advice is to choose long-term weight loss programs, ideally from six months or more. You have to get used to the changes. And even so, you remain at risk. Therefore ...

Tip # 2. Have you reached your goal? Don't get off your diet

Agree with yourself on the shore that achieving the cherished goal (in kilograms or centimeters) will be only half the distance. We admired ourselves in the mirror, filled up the social services. network with photos, made a weekly revenue in McDuck and ... back to the diet. Only now, just as smoothly act in the opposite direction with the diet - add calories a little bit. If, for example, you lost weight on keto or refused some products, then you should return to the usual menu in dosage. You will still roll back, this is inevitable, but the process of gaining weight should take place under the same strict control as before losing weight. Slow down the body, so you have a better chance that it will fix the desired result for a long time.

Tip # 3. More sports!

Hope your weight loss strategy included vigorous exercise. Hoday, gym, swimming, skating - everything that helped to expend the maximum amount of calories.

In no case do not quit training, keep energy consumption at the same level. Against the background of a smooth increase in calorie content, in this case, most of it will go to building and strengthening muscles. This will make the silhouette more attractive. Applies equally to both men and women. Girls, do not be afraid to pump! You still can't turn into fu, like a man without serious farm support.

4 tips for those who have already lost weight. How to keep the result?

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You just have to fall in love with sports on the way out of the diet even more. There is more energy and strength, weights grow, endurance increases - it is a pleasure to do it. If you suddenly lost weight, sitting in front of the TV with a glass of kefir in hand, now is the time to run for a gym membership.

Tip # 4. Realize Obesity Is Forever

Back in the early days when nature designed humans, the ability to rapidly store fat was a blessed function in ensuring the survival of a species in an unstable food supply. Times have changed, but constructive changes in our organisms have not yet been introduced. We still have the ability, theoretically, without limitation, to increase adipose tissue. And people weighing 200+ kg - a clear confirmation of this.

Worse, the number of fat cells - adipocytes - our body also does not know how to reduce. Imagine that fat stores are balloons. When you lose weight, the balls are deflated and if before they could hardly fit in the room, now they can be put into a bag. But the number of balls itself remains unchanged. And nature does not tolerate emptiness. The body knows that it has a supply of deflated balloons and will be glad to inflate them again at the slightest opportunity. As you know, inflated balloons are more pleasing.

Sad? I agree, there is little joy. Yes, obesity is a disease. And it looks like the diagnosis is lifelong. That is, in fact, there are no former obese people. This is the same oxymoron as the former prince. But the good news is, you can literally make obesity invisible. It is as if a doctor reports that a fatal disease has been found that cannot be cured by medicine. But if you take one pill every day, then the disease will not annoy in any way. In our case, the tablet is always available and free. Consists of two halves: eat less and move more. Unlike the movie The Matrix, you need to choose two at once. Take for life and daily. And all will be well. At least part of the shape.

4 tips for effective weight loss

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