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4 good habits to avoid chronic illness after 40

The development of chronic diseases after 40 years is directly related to our lifestyle and nutrition. If acute illnesses such as colds proceed with vivid symptoms and are treated rather quickly, then chronic illnesses may not make themselves felt for a long time, recur often and pass quite hard.

Recently, a group of European and American scientists analyzed the data of 116 thousand people. people. It turned out that those who adhere to several strict rules live on average just over 70 years. Finding out which habits will help prevent the development of chronic diseases and live a long life.

4 good habits to avoid chronic illness after 40

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A little about the study

Scientists studied data from 12 European studies with a total sample of 116,043 people. Four indicators were considered: body mass index, smoking, alcohol consumption and physical activity. Each of the habits, depending on its severity, was given a score from zero to two. For example, if a person smoked, but had already quit, he received one point. She still smokes - two points. Never smoked - zero. The aggregate scores for each habit added up a score from zero to eight. In the end, experts figured out exactly how these factors affect health and life expectancy.

4 good habits to avoid chronic illness after 40


Quitting smoking

Smoking, as you know, leads to the development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. If a person refuses to smoke, then after two weeks in the body, blood circulation improves and lung function increases, and after a year the risk of developing coronary heart disease is halved compared to the risk of a smoker. Scientists have calculated that giving up cigarettes after 40 years can extend life by at least nine years.

4 good habits to avoid chronic illness after 40

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Moderate alcohol consumption

It is one of the important factors in the absence of chronic diseases after 40 years. There is a consensus in the scientific community that moderate alcohol consumption is no more than 3-4 units of standard drinks per drinking episode. Drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase the risk of pancreatitis, stroke, liver disease, and heart muscle damage.

4 good habits to avoid chronic illness after 40


Controlling Body Mass Index

Controlling body weight is an essential aspect in taking care of your well-being. Being active throughout the day, maintaining a healthy weight, and eating well are essential components of good lifestyle. Some people lose weight easily, but maintaining the result with the achieved goal is already much more difficult. It is necessary to monitor the calorie intake, compensating the energy received from food with physical activity. But it is also important to eat the right foods, to supply the body with all the necessary substances.

4 good habits to avoid chronic illness after 40

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Physical activity

This term should not be confused with exercise, which is structured and planned. People between the ages of 18 and 64 should engage in vigorous physical activity for at least 150 minutes per week. Strength exercises, which involve the main muscle groups, should be done twice a week or even more often.

After research, scientists have found that by observing these four rules and not having chronic diseases, men can live on 9 , 9 years more, and women 9.4 more.

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