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4 extreme sports movies worth seeing

From January 21, 2019, Rambler Group launches the first offline movie theater in the mountains under the Okko brand. The film screenings will start as part of the Rosafest ski festival, which will be held from January 26 to February 2 in Sochi, at the Rosa Khutor resort. For the first time in the history of the festival, a cinema will operate on the territory, located at an altitude of 1170 meters. Viewers will be able to determine the program on their own.

The team of the online cinema Okko , operating on the VOD (video on demand) model, has formed a preliminary list of films ... The short-list of shows will be determined by voting on the festival's social network. Festival participants will be able to choose six films from the hits of the box office, including Venom, Leto, Ice, The Girl Who Was Stuck in the Web and many others.

Evening film screenings will take place at the Riders Lodge cinema, designed for 150 seats, visit free for all festival participants.

And for those of our readers who will not be able to go to the festival, we publish top films about extreme sports that will take you into the atmosphere of majestic mountains and endless oceans under the measured flicker of your laptop. We make ourselves comfortable and don't forget to take the company, because watching a movie, like riding a board, is much cooler with friends!

On the wave (2019)

Kind of sport: surfing.

Note: The film will premiere on February 7th.

On the Wave is the first large-scale Russian film that tells about the beauty of the ocean and surfing, revealing both his sports side and philosophical. The film immerses the viewer in the fate of different people, forcing them to experience the sincere feelings of each of them. Someone is struggling with their fears, and someone is fighting for the opportunity to remain themselves, breaking the established social stereotypes and merging with pristine nature.

Two stories are intertwined in the film - the story of Masha, a Russian girl who dreams of catching his first wave, and 11-time world surfing champion Kelly Slater. Masha, already knowing everything about surfing in theory, comes to Bali to learn surfing, but she faces her main problem - the fear of deep water.

The second hero of the film is Kelly Slater. He tells his story of a surfing career and how he managed to win his first titles for 11 years and hold the lead in one of the most difficult sports. For the first time in his life, he finds himself in an unusual situation for him, when he will be forced to re-confirm his title due to a failure in the system and an error in scoring.

Shaka (eng. Shaka, 2018)

Sport: surfing and snowboarding.

The story of how a professional snowboarder decided to conquer the most unpredictable wave in the world. 33-year-old Mathieu Kraepel decided to step out of his comfort zone and go on a long journey to test himself, expand the boundaries of his capabilities and conquer a new peak. However, unlike the thousands of other places where he skated, thisnot connected with snow or rocks. The cost of winning may be too high.

4 extreme sports movies worth seeing

Full immersion: the crazy experiment of snowboarder Mathieu Krepel

Like a world champion in snowboarding he decided to conquer the most dangerous wave in the world.

Mathieu devoted two years of his life to preparing for this adventure. Throughout this time, he constantly trained in the mountains and on the ocean, made several trips to Indonesia and Oregon. And finally I got to my destination: the Hawaiian island of Maui. In addition to the impressive sports component, Shaka is the first and deepest personal story about finding oneself.

Depth Pecertion, 2017

Sport: snowboarding.

Filmed in a stunning natural area considered the world's most remote rainforest, Depth Perception goes back to the roots of snowboarding and shows the connection between nature and riders. This film will take you into a mysterious tale and show you the best backcountry skiing that can be found on planet Earth.

4 extreme sports movies worth seeing

See deeper: Travis Rice is redefining the concept of snowboarding

World snowboarding legend Travis Rice - about his new film Depth Perception, its uniqueness and significance for snowboarding culture.

Depth Perception reminds Wes Anderson's films are unlike any other snowboarding project. He goes deep into the essence of snowboarding and is ahead of his time. We will see what drove Travis, Austin, Robin and Brian to who they are today, and learn how the cosmic nature of British Columbia began and developed over the centuries.

From the Bottom of the Summit (2018)

Kind of sport: Alpine skiing.

A story about wrestling and overcoming. The first full-length Russian sports drama From the Bottom of the Summit about a Paralympian, the plot of which is based on real events. Alexei Tsarev, a young athlete from the junior alpine skiing team, overcomes pain, fear and uncertainty in order to realize his dream and become the best in the competition.

4 extreme sports movies worth seeing

Don't give up: the strong story of the Paralympian Alexei Moshkin

The real story of the Russian alpine skier who overcame everything on the way to his dream.

The prototype of the main character is the two-time Paralympic champion games in cross-country skiing Alexey Moshkin. Alexey was personally present on the set, consulted the actors and even played a cameo role.

Enjoy watching! Save your shortlist and don't forget to share your favorite extreme films in the comments.

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