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3 crazy things bodybuilders do to get in shape

Bodybuilders must be in their best shape during performances. Sometimes they are so keen on preparing their bodies that they absolutely do not think how they will live after the competition and whether they will be at all. We've rounded up examples of the crazy things bodybuilders do to get in shape.

3 crazy things bodybuilders do to get in shape



Every person from an early age has heard this word, and also heard about the harm these drugs cause to the body. But at the same time, they continue to be very popular among bodybuilders.

Steroids are substances that, once in the body, are converted into hormones. A large amount of hormones in the body accelerates muscle growth and fat burning.

3 crazy things bodybuilders do to get in shape

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The main problem is that steroids are addictive, and those who regularly use them have to increase the dose. The first thing that suffers is the largest human filter - the liver. Bodybuilder Dean Wormby could have told about the damage to the liver of steroids, if he had not died of liver cancer in 2015.

Also, those who are addicted to anabolic steroids may develop kidney problems, heart attacks and even strokes. But this is only the price that the bodybuilders themselves pay, knowingly or unknowingly. There are often cases when other people suffer because of them, an excess of hormones in the body strongly affects the nervous system. Most often this manifests itself in the form of excessive aggressiveness, which sometimes goes beyond all possible boundaries.

An example of Sally McNeil and her husband is indicative, they were both bodybuilders, both took steroids. It is known that conflicts often occurred in their family, which reached the point of assault; on one of these days, Sally shot her husband twice with a shotgun. Ray McNeil died, and his wife went to jail.

The story of Ruben Arzu sounds even more wild, his anabolic steroids were brought to a state where he attacked a married couple completely naked near their house. Both spouses survived, although they received serious fractures, and the bodybuilder was arrested. And these are just two of the many stories about the so-called steroid rage.

3 crazy things bodybuilders do to get in shape



These drugs are used by bodybuilders to remove fluids and salts from the body. This helps to remove subcutaneous fluid and achieve muscle relief, as well as remove traces of illegal drugs from the body.

Diuretics remove sodium from the body, since it is sodium that retains fluid in the body.
Athletes who take diuretics without the supervision of doctors, they can cause serious harm to their health, up to and including death. The cause may be dehydration, impairedthe balance of electrolytes, which leads to disruption of vital processes.

Andreas Münzer achieved the greatest success in removing excess fluid. Probably, when an ambulance met him near the plane ladder, he looked very prominent. It is not known how the Munich doctors evaluated his muscles, but I want to believe that they paid more attention to his intestinal problems and internal bleeding. During the operation, it turned out that due to a lack of fluid in the body, the patient's blood was too thick, the athlete died in the hospital, despite all the efforts of the doctors, his heart failed.

3 crazy things bodybuilders do to get in shape


Diets: Protein and Protein Only

Bodybuilders need to eliminate fat from the body as much as possible before competition, but at the same time maintain muscle mass. Usually, athletes put a very high emphasis on protein and almost completely eliminate carbohydrates. This leads to the fact that the body does not receive the substances it needs, metabolism is disrupted. For a person who is under constant physical exertion, this can be doubly dangerous. To avoid problems, the diet must be worked out individually with the help of a specialist who will take into account the individual characteristics of the body.

As a rule, bodybuilding diets are accompanied by the use of proteins, which can lead to eating disorders. For a weakened organism, this has even more negative consequences. If an athlete consumes too much protein, then not only will it not be beneficial, but on the contrary can be harmful, the liver and kidneys also get hit.

Since during the diet, athletes do not have enough energy to train, they consume energy drinks. What bodybuilders drink is slightly different from what you can buy in a regular grocery store, they contain carbohydrates and caffeine, which also affects the heart and nervous system.

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