Jennifer Lopez's Sexiest Versace Moments Ever

2000 vs 2019: Jennifer Lopez proved again that she is in great shape

The other day in Milan, the final of the Versace spring-summer 2020 fashion show took place, which shocked everyone present. Attention was focused not on exclusive outfits, but on Jennifer Lopez who effectively appeared on the catwalk. The American actress and singer, who turned 50 last summer, repeated the legendary look from 2000. 19 years ago, at the Grammy ceremony, the artist stepped onto the red carpet in a light dress with a Jungle print and a deep cut to the belly. In those days, this gesture did not look unusual, but now the audience stood up and met J-Lo in an almost identical outfit to applause. What's the matter? Yes, the fact that the figure of the American star seems to only get better over the years and reflects the intense work on himself.

This show is not the first reason to be surprised at the good shape of 50-year-old Lopez in September. Last week the premiere of the film Strippers took place, where J. Law acted as a director and ... a pole dancer. To adequately play this role, the actress had to work in full force on a specific dance technique and, of course, on her body. Jennifer coped with both tasks so well that it remains only to ask the question: how does she manage to competently and effectively pump her body at this age?

Diverse workouts in the gym

The artist has been engaged for several years under the guidance of two qualified trainers: Tracy Anderson and David Kirsch, mentor of Margot Robbie and Keith Upton. The strategies of mentors are very different; J.Lo definitely does not have unused muscle groups. The actress does not break the training plan not only in the States, but also while on vacation outside of them.

With Tracy Anderson, Jennifer is engaged in Los Angeles, attending her training 3 to 5 times a week, in addition trying to find time choreography. Anderson prefers to organize work with the ward according to his own method. It includes constantly changing light weight exercises with a lot of repetitions in one set (approximately 60-100). The program, designed for J. Lo, focuses on the hips, legs and core muscles.

Upon arrival in New York, Jennifer is met by her second mentor, David Kirsch. A star trainer is renowned for his ability to build exercises for the perfect abs. But the singer's workouts are much more varied. Kirsch gives Lopez crossfit elements using kettlebells and other weights and bodyweight exercises. Arranges plyometric (jumping) training and circular with elements of martial arts.

The result of constant physical exertion, Jennifer Lopez has a toned and really relief body. It looks impressive not only in the photo, where retouching plays an important role, or at a fashion show with boards matched to the figure.we eat, but also in everyday life. For example, a couple of days ago, the paparazzi managed to take footage showing how the actress and her fiancé Alex Rodriguez, by the way, a professional baseball player, is getting out of fitness after a yoga class.

2000 vs 2019: Jennifer Lopez proved again that she is in great shape

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2000 vs 2019: Jennifer Lopez proved again that she is in great shape

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Another important component Jennifer Lopez's sporting life is dancing. Her career as an artist began with them. Jay Lo is now looking at dance moves from the perspective of an experienced expert in the World of Dance show on NBC. However, she is not only a member of the jury and producer of the program, but also regularly prepares group performances with other dancers.

Dances do not leave the artist both on the set and on stage. Lopez's concert program is extremely mobile, she not only stands with a microphone, but really moves a lot and actively. Constant rehearsals before performances can be called the same exhausting stress as exercising in the gym.

Strict nutrition system

In the desire to keep in shape, of course, you will not do with one sport. For many years Jennifer has been eating healthy, exclusively natural food. She eliminated refined foods and caffeine from her diet. The singer also tries not to use alcohol, and she has an extremely negative attitude towards smoking. Nicotine is not part of her concept of a healthy lifestyle.

Despite the fact that Jay Lo tries to eat more protein foods, fresh vegetables and herbs, she did not give up sweets. And although she always takes fruit to the set in the form of snacks, sometimes Lopez gives himself a little indulgence due to his weakness for chocolate.

2000 vs 2019: Jennifer Lopez proved again that she is in great shape

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2000 vs 2019: Jennifer Lopez proved again that she is in great shape

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Of course, Jennifer's excellent appearance depends and from skin care procedures, and from cosmetology. For example, an actress constantly puts onher sunscreen and moisturizing creams, without which, in her opinion, the skin will begin to deteriorate, especially with age.

However, J.Lo's excellent form is more of a huge work on oneself. Only over time, Lopez was able to love her body and stop thinking about its shortcomings. She advises everyone else the same.

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