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15 minutes a day: training with Ronaldo

Tea with honey or milk and a hot bath are a must on Cristiano Ronaldo in the evening before the game. This simple procedure is not only used to relax the body. The athlete is firmly convinced that such everyday little things significantly affect the playing qualities. They make him better than other players.

During his daily training, Ronaldo gives his best. He is not stopped by fatigue and muscle pain. The Portuguese footballer believes that the main task of any athlete is to improve his body. Eat right, drink plenty of water, and remember to get enough sleep. When I started my career as a football player, this was my main motto, - says Ronaldo.

15 minutes a day: training with Ronaldo

Photo: Nike

Ronaldo's harmonious and healthy attitude to his body was one of the reasons for his collaboration with Nike. The new workouts in the Nike + Training Club app combine a holistic approach to health and motivating advice.

For all active training enthusiasts, advice from the Portuguese is a great way to experience new experiences. The following materials are included in the application:

• Ronaldo's advice on healthy nutrition and proper recovery while resting after exercise.
• The opportunity to get additional lessons after completing a certain number of trainings from a session with Ronaldo (when you complete tasks you will receive badges that you can share).
• Useful videos and articles where Ronaldo shares his advice on how to keep the body in good shape, recover from matches and be motivated in sports.
• Recommendations for fitness equipment that will increase the effectiveness of your workouts.
Joaquin Sanda, fitness trainer of Ronaldo and Nike, helped divide Cristiano's workouts into a series of programs.

The programs are divided by focus: speed and agility, strength and impact on body weight. These directions became the basis for Ronaldo's successful play on the field. However, they are suitable not only for a professional football player, but also for any athlete. The main thing is the desire to achieve good physical shape and take care of your health.

The main direction of training is to develop the whole body, maintain the correct muscle mass and stability in the joints. Such activities help Cristiano stay healthy and stay in better physical shape for longer, which is very important for a professional athlete, says Sanda.

15 minutes a day: training with Ronaldo

Photo: Nike

The training program for Cristiano includes 15 minutes of Quick Hit Abs - nine exercises to work out the athlete's upper body. The second 15-minute Quick Hit Lower Body workout consists of bodyweight exercises that help strengthen the body below the waist.
The stronger the back, lower back and gluteal zone become, the better Cristiano can move on the field. Whether it's a short or long runflax training of endurance. When combined, such workouts can help build a healthy foundation for an athlete of any sport and any level, says Sanda.

Sanda reveals the secrets of simple and healthy nutrition for his ward. For example, there are quick and easy recipes that fill the body and are easy to digest (recipe for one lunch includes quinoa, chicken and watermelon).

Two new workouts with Ronaldo are available from July 22, the rest with Cristiano will be loaded gradually. You can download the NTC application using the link .

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