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15 awkward questions: what is grappling and why is it cooler than other martial arts

Street wrestling without rules has long ago collected all the most effective techniques from various martial arts. In a dark alley, only your personal gentleman's code is the limit. However, this technique, as it turned out, is present not only on the streets. This kind of wrestling, like grappling, brought together all the best from judo, combat sambo, freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling and even Brazilian jiu-jitsu. We asked the coach of Black Star Fitness Rustam Abanokov 15 awkward questions about this sport and found out whether such skills will help to escape from bullies in case of something.

15 awkward questions: what is grappling and why is it cooler than other martial arts

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What is grappling?

Grappling is a kind of martial arts. Translated from English means to miss. It mainly includes throws and throwing techniques, as in classic martial arts (sambo, judo, jujitsu and freestyle wrestling). That is, this is a kind of tandem of basic wrestling techniques, but with a maximum emphasis on painful holds, on surrendering the opponent.

How does grappling differ from other martial arts?

First of all, the form of clothing. There's nothing to be grappling for. Opponents wrestle in rashguards - special equipment in the form of turtlenecks and shorts. There is no grip on the kimono, as in other martial arts, for example, sambo, judo and jiu-jitsu. And with all this, there are no restrictions in the throwing technique, that is, the throw can be made from any position. In grappling, you can do whatever your imagination is capable of.

15 awkward questions: what is grappling and why is it cooler than other martial arts

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

There are no rules or restrictions in grappling at all?

No, you can't say that. You cannot use dirty tricks, substitute knuckles and squeeze out lymph nodes. Grappling as a sports category does not allow such things, but there are mixed martial arts - the MMA and UFC formats. There are, of course, fewer restrictions. Also, you can't make any ugly gestures, hit below the belt, but this happens. There is a dirty fight everywhere, someone will accidentally hit with an elbow, someone will kick in the groin. Nevertheless, there are certain gentlemanly limitations.

Will grappling training help in a street fight?

It will definitely help you feel your body better and, if something happens , will be able to break free. In a situation on a dark street, when the attacker may have some kind of sharp object in his hands, for example a knife, the main thing is to free himself, destabilize the enemy and leave the place.

15 awkward questions: what is grappling and why is it cooler than other martial arts

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What should I do if I really want to try, but I'm scared that I might be something to break?

Come to goodhim and a competent coach.

This is, first of all, the oversight of the mentor. It all depends not only on physical activity and fitness of the athlete. The coach is a psychologist. He should feel the mood of his student, be able to reveal the potential in him and put all fears aside. If a person doubts, even an experienced athlete, then this is fraught with either loss or injury. There is no need to think about it, all movements must be honed, collected and maximally concentrated.

15 awkward questions: what is grappling and why is it cooler than other martial arts

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

How great is the risk of injury?

In martial arts, injuries are associated with unwillingness to give up. For example, in my case, when I went out on the carpet for a fight - selection for the Russian championship - the opponent successfully entered the painful hold, the elbow lever. I thought that I would not give up, but there are weak points in any body - he extended my elbow. I thought everything was in order, but the elbow had already flew out of the joint capsule. Don't underestimate your opponent. You need to assess the situation sensibly - if you feel that you are losing, then accept defeat with honor. There is nothing wrong with that.

How to understand that you can already give up?

You need to be able to listen to your body, but it all sounds trite. An experienced athlete understands that, here, a hand in the lock and any further impact will lead to stretching or dislocation. So it's time.

What to do, your opponent will turn out to be many times bigger than me?

If you go into battle, it doesn't matter what your opponent is. Firstly, it can only be higher or lower, but in the weight category you are on the same level. For such rivals, you need to practice certain techniques, use your trump card - speed. And most importantly, you always need to look your opponent in the eye, not show a second of doubt. Just look in the eyes and forward. It is not only the strength of the body and the preparation of the athlete that decides. There are guys who know one or two tricks, but they have so much fortitude that even experienced ones pass a little.

15 awkward questions: what is grappling and why is it cooler than other martial arts

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

How to develop your fortitude?

It's very simple - to go to the gym no matter what. Tired, not tired, no mood, feeling unwell or having problems at work. There will always be difficulties, but if you don't go to the gym, they won't be solved. Lost in a competition? I realized and went to study again. The champion is not the one who gives all the best and does not lose, but the one who returns after losing. This is strength of mind.

If I have never been physically developed, will it teach me to stand up for myself?

As the coach says: The strong don't need it, the weak won't help. But a physically weak person often has increased motivation. Such people are more successful than those who felt confident in school or those who hurt the weak. I think they will be more useless if they use their mindset correctly and understand what they want. And they want to achieve thisnot to show everyone how cool athletes they are, but to defend themselves.

Will I learn a trick that will work one hundred percent?

This is a difficult question, because with any successful grip of the opponent, any painful technique can be effective. But I believe that everything except the suffocating one can be tolerated. Whatever athlete you are, if you are trapped in a castle, you will lose consciousness and fall asleep from lack of oxygen.

15 awkward questions: what is grappling and why is it cooler than other martial arts

Photo: Polina Inozemtseva, Championship

If I often go out to fights and get hit on the head, will I become stupider?

If I get hit on the head often, it means microtrauma and concussion ... Of course, this is not entirely good for your health. But there are many examples of smart and educated titled athletes. Many famous phrases were spoken by such great boxers as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather. But all the same, it is advisable not to get hit on the head, it is better to enrich it with knowledge.

Why are the fighters mostly lying? Is this a sport for the lazy?

From the outside it may seem that this is just a hug. Most of the sparring takes place in the prone position, that is, on the ground, because after the throw is made, the meeting does not end, as in judo or other disciplines. Here, after the throw, the one who made it may himself be trapped. He will no longer be an attacker, but a defender. In the stalls, the most interesting thing begins, like chess: who will give whom to whom in order to make a painful one, but at the same time throws his leg in order to pick up the opponent on a triangle and make him a choke. Most often, the main events develop in a prone position, and it seems to everyone that this is a sport for the lazy. But try lying down to push the person who is lying on you, or change position, get out and go behind your opponent's back. It's not that easy.

Can I wear protection?

Yes, they wear mouthguards in grappling, because in some moments you can touch chin or jaw. Sometimes guys also wear shells and soft knee pads. These are the only defenses.

How much training should I have to become like Bruce Lee?

In fact, if a person has the willpower and motivation, then he can become anyone. This applies not only to sports. Everyone is capable of becoming Bruce Lee, but someone can do it in a few years, and for someone, life is not enough.

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